Home Training Session – Passing & Receiving

Stuck inside with nothing to do? Not able to go out to the park and train? Fear not, because TheMastermindSite.com will be delivering several home training sessions over the next few weeks. The second of these sessions is all about passing and receiving, using a ball and a wall. Coach Rhys will lead you through a series of exercises, a skills challenge and a fitness challenge. You can send videos of you completing the challenges to themastermindsite.com@gmail.com for shoutouts in our next videos. Now, enjoy this session all about passing and receiving using a ball and a wall.


  • Ball (preferably size 4)
  • Wall or rebounder of some sort (don’t destroy your home please)
  • Water bottle
  • Running shoes
  • Athletic wear


For this session you will need a space of about 7×7 steps on each side. You should stand about six-metres away from your wall. If you are using a rebounder, you can also put something behind the rebounder to stop it from moving, like I did with the couch in behind my net.


Feel free to pause the video at any time to assess crucial steps to execute various skills and techniques. Take your time doing the challenges and don’t worry about being perfect.

challenge leaders


So there it is! A home-training session all about passing and receiving using a wall. Hope you enjoyed this session and be sure to check out more from our Player Education and Home Training sections. Also be sure to follow TheMastermindSite on Twitter @mastermindsite, to never miss an article or update. Thanks for reading and see you soon!

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Finally, feel free to get in touch using the form below!

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