The Mastermind 2

What’s That All Aboat?

Welcome to the anomalous land where reality TV and football intertwine. This incredible amalgamation shouldn’t work but somehow it just does. Filled to the maximum with Canadian kindness, The Mastermind dissects both genres every single week bringing you Episode Recaps, Annual Rankings, Top 10 Lists, Team of the Week’s and much, much more. From explaining why Jeff Probst needs to stop telling Survivor contestants to make big moves to raving about how dynamic Borussia Dortmund are, this site has something for everyone thanks to the detective work of its sole proprietor Rhys Desmond.

Rhys is an adrenalized University of Waterloo student-athlete who loves to write and just can’t ever get enough of all the happenings in the land of television. In this atypical and nowhere near classic combination of football and reality TV, you will never be bored so you might as well click the follow button that is following you everywhere you go below. Forget about man’s best friend being a dog, this is your new best friend so be sure to subscribe now.

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