Consultation, Performance Analysis & 1-on-1 Coaching with Rhys

It’s no secret that data analysis and performance analysis are both lightyears ahead of where we used to be in the beautiful game. But many athletes and coaches do not have access to high-quality analysis. Performance analysis and data analysis tend to be exclusive to professional environments in Europe and the United States, and even more exclusive to men’s football.

Meanwhile, 1-on-1 coaching tends to exist on one of two scales – either completely unaffordable, or with a coach that lacks the proper knowledge and expertise. I aim to bridge that gap, and break down the barriers that exist to acquiring high quality performance-based analysis and coaching in the convenience of your own home. This is where my Consultation Masterclass comes in.


My services include an $81 combined 1-hour coaching call + report based on what you want to see, unlimited email/text, and as many sessions as you want per week/month. I make the coaching specific to you and your needs, and work to make the experience FUN utilizing non-traditional ‘new-school’ coaching methods, that I have years of experience teaching to thousands coaches from around the world, including at the university level.

During the consultation, we will primarily focus on the tactical side of the game, but with a recognition that all five corners are interrelated. We’ll dive deep into my scanning system (BOTS) and refine the tactical notations of your game to gain a deeper understanding of the how, when, where, and why to decision making.

All you have to do is fill out my contact form and let me know what you want to see. This might include…

  • Player/Athlete Reports
  • Opposition Reports
  • Coaching Advice
  • Game Model Development
  • Tactical/Analytical Knowledge Accumulation

I am currently accepting new clients through a free 30-minute consultation call.


Across the past decade, I have worked with thousands of players and coaches across multiple sports and disciplines. I recognize the value of understanding the athlete/client from a holistic perspective and tailoring advice to their specific needs. I make a commitment toward positive reinforcement, research-backed insights, and making the experience FUN for those that work with me.

EXPERIENCE (10 years)

NCCP Certified Sports Coach (2014-)
(including Vancouver Whitecaps Academy base in London, ON – Whitecaps London)

Writer / Website Founder (2016-)

Performance Analyst / Sports Performance Consultant (2019-)

University Lecturer (2020-)

Western University in London, ON

$80.99 for 1-hour consultation call + detailed report. Free 30-minute consultation call on your first call.

B.A. Recreation & Leisure, Minor in Psychology
University of Waterloo

M.A. Sport Management & Leadership
Western University

My specialties include…

  • Tactical IQ & Game Understanding
    Including in-depth insight into my scanning system ‘BOTS’.
  • Scouting & Recruitment Player Reports
    Including data + video analysis on players your club is interested in signing.
  • Game Model Development + Coach Education
    At any level of play, from 7v7 & 9v9 all the way to professional environments.

Accepting new clients through 30-minute free consultation calls! I am an NCCP certified coach, university lecturer, coaching educator, and MBP certified professional analyst.

All reports come with a mix of video analysis, telestrations, data, and written analysis; that I will go over with the client in the hour-long consultation call. The report will be retained by the client following the call.

The Consultation Masterclass is also currently open to aspiring professionals in the industry, such as youth players, youth coaches, and members of the Introduction to Football Analysis course.

To experience my services before committing, sign up for a free 30-minute consultation call.

This includes…

  • Professional players
  • Non-league, youth, semi-pro players
  • Professional coaches
  • Youth coaches
  • Agents / Scouts
  • Endurance athletes / long-distance runners


I am currently welcoming new clients from all over the world! To book your free consultation call or a follow-up session, visit Consultation Masterclass – Book a Session with Rhys.

What do you want to see? I work with…

  • Professional players who do not have access to high-quality analysis, or are looking to supplement their analysis with 1-on-1 support pertaining to game understanding and tactical IQ.
  • Non-league or youth players competing at an amateur or semi-pro level, looking to make that next step in their career. High-school, university/college, semi-pro players all welcome!
  • Professional coaches looking to supplement their scouting & recruitment with detailed reports over players from around the world, including data & video analysis.
  • Youth coaches striving to build their own game models, coaching expertise, and tactical IQ.
  • Agents and scouts aiming to utilize the work of a professional analyst to enhance player reputation and market their player to top-tier clubs.
  • Endurance athletes / distance runners looking to propel their running careers at an affordable price, with an experienced coach that understands the value of tailoring advice to the athlete’s specific needs.

rhys desmond

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As the founder of back in 2016, I have proudly created one of the biggest tactics & analysis websites about the beautiful game. Combining my knowledge of writing, coaching, analysis and the game as a whole, I want to help you take your craft to the next level.

In 2020, I helped over 75 undergraduate students at Western University in London, ON, develop their coaching craft, in a three month Coaching & Leadership course. A month later, I began my path as the Technical Director of the club I started my coaching career with, helping coach, mentor and develop close to 100 coaches. In 2021, I began working with current and former professional players, helping them develop their knowledge and ideas about the game, improve their performance and prepare for life in the coaching world. Throughout that time, I have accumulated training through MBP and the PFSA in the realms of analysis, scouting and performance-based football; the OS, CSA, and HighFive in coaching & mentorship; and worked with coaches around the world from 20+ nations. I have since returned to Western University to continue mentoring young, aspiring coaches, as a University Lecturer in the subject of Coaching & Leadership.

Since the start of my mentorship masterclass, I have worked with professional players, former pros developing their coaching craft, industry-leading writers, and community coaches. Not every professional environment has the ability to afford a performance analyst, so I offer an alternative option for players and coaches to take their knowledge and game understanding to the next level, developing solutions, training techniques and tactical understandings through the analysis of video footage in a 1-on-1 setting where continuous feedback can be applied.

If you are interested in taking your footballing craft to the next level, simply fill out the contact form, or email


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-> The difference between seeing and understanding in analysis
-> The simple task anyone can do to improve their tactical knowledge

Check out my course for an alternative option to 1-on-1 coaching…
-> Introduction to Football Analysis – Online Course with Rhys Desmond


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