Introduction to Football Analysis – Online Course with Rhys Desmond

Calling all football fanatics, coaches, players, analysts and anyone who qualifies as “football obsessed”, finally brings you our brand-new ‘Introduction to Football Analysis’ course! The course is self-paced and online via articles, videos, email correspondence, and a range of other online materials. Course attendees will get individualized attention from the instructor – Rhys Desmond – one of the industry leaders in website-based football tactics, coaching content, and analysis. The course is for anyone looking to work in football analysis, and/or improve their tactical and analytical understanding. This thorough introductory course will take a deep dive into all aspects of analysis, for the price of just $59.99 CAD – more bang for your buck than anywhere else. To take the course or gain more information, please see the below!


Do you want to work in football analysis, either for a website or professional club? Do you want to enhance your tactical and analytical understanding, and develop your craft on the quest to becoming a football expert? Then this course is for you! Course attendees will achieve the following rewards and benefits!

-> Develop a greater understanding of football tactics, and the various forms of analysis.

-> Learn strategies for conducting top-tier football analysis, and how to separate yourself from the pack in creating insightful pieces in performance analysis, scouting & recruitment, match analysis and data analysis.

-> Set yourself up for a career in analysis and learn valuable tips for getting started in the industry.

-> Gain new networks and connections within the football industry, while learning from a leading expert in the field.


  1. Introduction to Football Analysis
  2. Football Terminology 101
  3. Awareness to Understanding
  4. Analysis Tools for Success
  5. Analysis as a Player
  6. Performance Analysis
  7. Best Practices for Success
  8. Final Project


1. Introduction to Football Analysis

-> Introduction to Rhys & TMS
-> Why I love to watch football
-> Conceptualizing analysis within the football industry
-> Getting started in football analysis
-> How coaches can develop their tactical and analytical understanding of the game

2. Football Terminology 101

-> Breaking down important football terms used in tactics, analysis & coaching.
-> Breaking down the phases of the game
-> Unpacking ball, opposition, teammates and space

3. Awareness to Understanding

-> The difference between seeing and understanding in analysis
-> Why the technical, tactical, physical and psychological sides of football are deeply intertwined
-> The simple task anyone can do to improve their tactical knowledge
-> Why football is more about psychology than tactics

4. Analysis Tools for Success

-> How to use Wyscout for football analysis
-> How to create football graphics with Microsoft Powerpoint
-> How to make football graphics with Planet Training
-> Microsoft Excel: Inputting data + creating graphs and charts
-> How to use FBREF for football analysis

5. Analysis as a Player

-> Improving your tactical understanding as a player
-> Recognizing and playing to your teammates’ strengths in football
-> The art of dismarking
-> Understanding player roles and finding your fit

6. Performance Analysis

-> Intro to Analysis – Half-Time Team Talk
-> Performance Analysis 101
-> How I watch football matches for tactical analyses
-> Why patterns and context are so essential to analysis in football
-> Identifying players to fit your team’s style of play + ‘Find me a player for…’

7. Best Practices for Success

-> Creating balance in your analysis
-> How to take notes when watching football
-> How I coached an unbeaten team
-> Developing a growth mindset
-> Copyright and intellectual property rights in football writing & analysis
-> Social Media Management (who to follow + how to enhance your profile)
-> Five reasons why you should start your own football website

8. Final Project

-> Final Project – Introduction to Analysis Course


Our Introduction to Football Analysis course runs almost like a 1-on-1 discussion with you and Rhys, where you get constant feedback and support from the instructor. As you read through the sections and complete the work, Rhys will be in constant contact with you, and giving the exact same energy that you are putting into the course back to you.

As a result, this course provides a standalone version of the way courses are typically done. We have no progress bar, no multiple choice tests, and no narrator. Instead, you become and embody the role of the “narrator” as you go about your work, through reading, writing, watching videos, conducting analysis, studying relentlessly, and growing in confidence as you move along. You will get out what you put into this course, and that accountability piece is up to you.


Start your journey in Football Analysis for just $59.99!

By purchasing this course, you are making a commitment to accept our *Terms of Use.


Reach out to us over email, and tell us your goals in the football industry.

For more information, see Rhys’s career path, and a sneak preview of the type of learning you can achieve in taking the course!

-> How I watch football matches for tactical analyses
-> The simple task anyone can do to improve their tactical knowledge
-> Why patterns and context are so essential to analysis in football

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