How coaches can develop their tactical and analytical understanding of the game

One of the most common questions thrown my way is the typical – “How do you know what you know?” or “How did you develop your tactical craft?”. Well, I finally have an answer for you.

In this longform podcast with Sam Holmshaw on The Sports Coaching Podcast, I share how coaches can develop a greater tactical and analytical understanding of the game – by using their own context. If you’re looking to enhance your knowledge as a coach or simply wanting to develop your analytical eye, you don’t want to miss this podcast episode!

We all know and love the chess game of football, but we can all become complacent in thinking we know all their is to know about football – when in actuality, learning is a never-ending process. So why not start within your own context, and assess the problems your team is having – before coming up with potential solutions.

Be sure to also check out Sam’s work on The Sports Coaching Podcast, and my two podcast episodes with the Game Model expert appearing on TMS…

-> Sam Holmshaw – Why everything in coaching needs to fit your context
-> Creating a Game Model – with Sam Holmshaw – TMS Podcast

Also be sure to check out our latest posts, covering a broad range of tactical, analytical and coaching topics!

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