#CANPL Team Guide: Pacific FC

The Canadian Premier League is just a few weeks away from kicking off. Four of the seven Mastermind Site #CANPL Team Guides have been posted and now its time to examine a team from the west coast of Canada, Pacific FC. Here is The Mastermind’s official team guide for Vancouver Island's newest soccer club: Pacific FC. HISTORY On May 5, … Continue reading #CANPL Team Guide: Pacific FC

#CANPL Team Guide: Valour FC

The Canadian Premier League is just a few weeks away from kicking off. The Mastermind Site kicked off its 2019 #CANPL Team Guides with Halifax Wanderers FC, Forge FC and York 9. Now it's time to take a look at Winnipeg's Valour FC, coached by former Canada U-20 coach Rob Gale. Here is The Mastermind’s official team guide for Winnipeg's new club: Valour … Continue reading #CANPL Team Guide: Valour FC

#CANPL Team Guide: York 9

The Canadian Premier League is just a few weeks away from kicking off. The Mastermind Site kicked off its 2019 #CANPL Team Guides with Halifax Wanderers FC and then Forge FC and now it is time to check out Jim Brennan's latest project, York 9. Like HFX and Forge, York 9 are an entirely new club formed for the specific purpose of competing in the Canadian Premier League. Here is The Mastermind’s official team guide for Jim Brennan's York 9. 

PSG Fruitless Without Cavani & Mbappe

Paris Saint Germain have developed a well-oiled system under Thomas Tuchel. The tactical flexibility of players like Dani Alves and Julian Draxler have allowed the French giants to flourish in a number of different systems, seemingly chopping and changing their formation every week without ever missing a beat. However, without star men up top like … Continue reading PSG Fruitless Without Cavani & Mbappe

#CANPL Team Guide: Forge FC

The Canadian Premier League is just a few weeks away from kicking off. The Mastermind Site kicked off its 2019 #CANPL Team Guides with Halifax Wanderers FC, to view that article check out our HFX Team Guide. Our second team to go under the magnifying glass will be Hamilton's Forge FC, another newly formed club with a lot of optimism heading into the inaugural Canadian Premier League season. Here is The Mastermind’s official team guide for Hamilton's new club, Forge FC. 

#CANPL Team Guide: Halifax Wanderers FC

The Canadian Premier League is just a few weeks away from kicking off. So it's about time The Mastermind Site kicks off its #CANPL Team Guides, starting with the newly formed Halifax Wanderers FC. The Wanderers have quickly become the biggest soccer club in the East Coast and it appears as though there is no … Continue reading #CANPL Team Guide: Halifax Wanderers FC

5 Players Manchester United Should Sign In The Off-Season

Although the past few weeks has seen a slight dip in form, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has hit the ground running with Manchester United in 2019. After taking over for Jose Mourinho at the end of December, Solskjaer has won 15 of his 22 matches, which equates to a win percentage of nearly 70%. But in nearly every position on the pitch, it is very evident that upgrades are needed. It is unquestionable that Manchester United need to freshen up their squad in the summer and they should look no further than these five players in order to do that. 

How To Coach Pressing

Pressing has become an increasingly important aspect to the modern game. Some of the most successful teams in the world play a high pressing game, including Liverpool, Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich. As a result, it has received great attention worldwide and is beginning to be implemented everywhere as a strategy, including with young players. … Continue reading How To Coach Pressing

4-3-3 vs. 4-1-4-1: Tactical Flexibility

In the post 4-4-2 era, teams all over the world play a variety of different formations. These formations change game by game or even within games, so it is becomingly increasingly difficult to nail professional teams down to just one single formation. That being said, two of the most popular formations in the world right now are the tactically flexible 4-3-3 and 4-1-4-1, both of which have been used heavily by Pep Guardiola throughout his career. Ultimately the formation has to suit the players that you have and their developmental, psychological and physiological characteristics. But the 4-3-3 and 4-1-4-1 are two very similar formations. The 4-1-4-1 is perhaps a little more physically demanding and tactically complex, while the 4-3-3 is perhaps more rooted in wing-play and the collaboration of the midfield triangle. Although these formations are very similar, they can offer a team a completely different dynamic, depending on how a manger or coach wants to implement them. 

5 Myths of Youth Sport

Sports have the potential to create several positive outcomes for children and adults alike (Crocker, 2016). However, sports do not always create positive outcomes. This article explores the five biggest myths surrounding youth sports and consequently what parents and coaches can do in order to ensure children stay in sport for life. MYTH: Youth Sport … Continue reading 5 Myths of Youth Sport

The Qualities of a Good Sports Captain

In any sport, a team captain can be invaluable if the right person is given the role. Team captains shouldn't just be the best players on the team or the player that the coach likes the most, it's about having certain qualities that make that player a good leader and a reliable force on the … Continue reading The Qualities of a Good Sports Captain

Best Formations for 11v11

In the ever-changing world of football, dozens of formations are being used on a day to day basis around the globe. Choosing the right formation can affect the balance of the game, while the decision of which formation to play can also be instrumental in getting the best out of the players a manager has … Continue reading Best Formations for 11v11

Best Formations for 7v7

The 7v7 game arrives at the pinnacle of optimal learning for kids developing their footballing trade. The smaller size in field allows players to have more touches on the ball, creates more 1v1 situations and is an easy transition from 5v5 into an easy-to-understand formula for success out on the field. 7v7 formations are by … Continue reading Best Formations for 7v7

The Importance of Receiving the Ball on the Half-Turn

Over and over again, young players around the world receive the ball from a passing player, square on, with their back turned to goal. This limits a player's ability to pass the ball forwards and keep play moving. Instead of receiving the ball square on, players must maintain an open body shape, aka receiving the … Continue reading The Importance of Receiving the Ball on the Half-Turn

3 Ways To Play in a 4-5-1

The 4-5-1 is the perfect formation for counter-attacking football and instills a defensive mindset in any team. As such it is a particularly popular formation for defensive-minded managers and is universally used to defend a lead. The 4-5-1 is also incredibly flexible, providing a lot of different ways managers can employ the tactic. Nearly every … Continue reading 3 Ways To Play in a 4-5-1

Best Formations for 9v9

9v9 is one of the most exciting stages in the development of young players as it's the first time they are truly able to understand positioning, formations and how to play to the strengths of their teammates. In The Mastermind's hometown province of Ontario, 9v9 starts at the U11 stage and ends at U13, when … Continue reading Best Formations for 9v9

Top 50 Survivor Players of All Time

In thirty-five seasons of Survivor, there have been some amazing players. It is so incredibly hard to rank them as they all had to overcome a different set of circumstances and navigate through completely different seasons. But nonetheless, The Mastermind has attempted to compile a list of the fifty greatest players of all time. So how … Continue reading Top 50 Survivor Players of All Time

Why MasterChef Is Fake

For a show based solely around cooking, MasterChef has surpassed expectations worldwide to become one of the most entertaining reality TV franchises out there. This makes it all the more disappointing that a show so compelling and so popular, often has something seemingly suspicious going on behind the scenes. Although fantastic in what it achieves, MasterChef is … Continue reading Why MasterChef Is Fake

Why I Wrote ‘Why MasterChef Is Fake’

On April 4, 2017, I wrote and posted an article titled Why MasterChef Is Fake. Season 7 of the American version of MasterChef had finished in September and season 8 was just a few months away. Before Season 8 was to air, I felt like I needed to speak up and say what many people were wondering or thinking at the time: MasterChef USA is fake.


Casting Survivor 40: All Winners

According to Inside Survivor and Martin Holmes, season 40 of CBS' greatest reality television show, Survivor, is set to be an all-winners season. An all-winners season has been something that Jeff Probst and the producers have wanted to do for a while, but they've never felt like they had enough entertaining/good, winners who would want to come … Continue reading Casting Survivor 40: All Winners

The Amazing Race 31 Episode 1 Recap: You’re In Our Race Now

The Amazing Race is back and this time Phil Keoghan and co are doing something never done before on reality television. Former contestants from CBS' 'big-three' reality shows: Survivor, Big Brother and The Amazing Race, have been chosen to compete on this brand new Amazing Race season. This has been one of the most anticipated seasons of The Amazing Race ever … Continue reading The Amazing Race 31 Episode 1 Recap: You’re In Our Race Now