Osaze De Rosario – Player Analysis

Still only 21 years of age, Osaze has much to look forward to in an illustrious career surely set to come. So with that, we analyze the rising star, and assess his potential future for greatness in the sport. Here is our analysis.

Why Julian Alvarez is perfect for Manchester City

Anyone who's read our work over the past few years knows that we have always been high on City's desire to play without an out-and-out striker. But there's no denying that a natural centre forward would be a massive help to City's quest to continuously evolve their tactics and find ways to break low-block opposition teams down, when nothing seems to be going their way. So with that, here is why the young Julian Alvarez is the perfect fit for Manchester City.


Skills Challenge – First Touch Spin

Can you complete this first touch spin and score? Here is a skills challenge that will get you to work on both your right foot and left foot first touch spin, and quick finishing.

13 Shooting & Finishing Activity Ideas

I've never been a big fan of shooting & finishing session plans, as they often involve activities with loads of wait time, and take up too much time for something that happens actually relatively infrequently in games. Instead, I've preferred to work on shooting & finishing with players in 1on1 or small-group training sessions, where the repetition can still be high and the waiting time low. That said, players love shooting & finishing sessions. Who doesn't like to shoot the ball and score goals? All players enjoy these sessions, even goalkeepers and defenders as it means they get opportunities to do what they love too. So with that, here is a variety of shooting & finishing activities to help you design your own shooting & finishing session with individuals or groups. The activities are separated between the amount of repetition and wait time, helping you make a distinction between which might be useful for smaller numbers and which can be done in team training.