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The Mastermind Site is a football tactics and analysis website, dedicated to helping all football fanatics develop a greater understanding of the technical, tactical and mental aspects of football. The website’s creator – Rhys Desmond – has been involved in the sport for the best part of two decades, as a coach, former player, club director and analyst. For more information, follow us on social media.

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rhys desmond

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Rhys Desmond is the creator of and the writer behind more than six hundred articles found on the site since 2016. Rhys previously held roles as a coach for the Vancouver Whitecaps affiliated club Whitecaps London FC and was the Technical Leader of NorWest Optimist Soccer Club in London, Ontario. He holds a graduate degree in Sport Management & Leadership at Western University and a B.A. in Recreation and Leisure Studies with a Minor in Psychology from the University of Waterloo. Rhys is currently working for a non-profit in Cambridge, Ontario leading recreation programs for youth in a low-income neighbourhood. He also works as a freelance football analyst, open to clubs, academies and websites for opportunities.

Favourite Article on TMS:
-> Counter Attacking and the Death of Tiki-Taka Football

Most Popular Article Written:
-> Best Formations for 9v9

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