Premier League Tactics 2020-21 – Ebook

After analyzing each and every single Premier League team this year, we now share all of our insight on the 2020-21 season in the form of this book. But the book is far from just a copy and paste of what can already be found on the website. In fact, there are very few things in the entire 72 pages that you will find on our site. The book features a breakdown of each and every single club in the league, including their system and style of play, their personnel, their strengths, weaknesses, key players and more. It does not attempt to be an exhaustive list of every single thing about each and every Premier League team this season, rather an overview of the most crucial tactical features to their success or lack thereof in 2020-21.

Premier League Tactics 2020-21 Ebook

Breaking down all the tactics of every single Premier League team, and every tactical transcript from the season that was in 2020-21. Upon purchase, the ebook will be emailed to you via as soon as we are notified that payment has been completed. Do not email unless you have not received your ebook within 24 hours.



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They are not to be taken literal, although ideas can certainly be taken from this resource and implemented within your own team’s system and style of play. This game model example showcases what Rhyspect FC looks to do in each third of the pitch in all three defensive phases, and all three attacking phases. The game model also provides a brief look into set-pieces and player characteristics. 

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