Coaching 9v9 Soccer – Ebook (1st Ed.)

Our popular Coaching 9v9 Soccer Ebook has been updated as of 2023 to reflect new learnings about the game and inspire a new set of coaches!

9v9 is one of the most exciting stages in the development of young players and can often be the first time they are truly able to understand positioning, formations and how to play to the strengths of their teammates. This Ebook gives coaches an opportunity to learn all the in’s and out’s of coaching 9v9, including tactics, formations, and game management. Great work taking time to improve your development as a coach.

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They are not to be taken literal, although ideas can certainly be taken from this resource and implemented within your own team’s system and style of play. This game model example showcases what Rhyspect FC looks to do in each third of the pitch in all three defensive phases, and all three attacking phases. The game model also provides a brief look into set-pieces and player characteristics. 



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