Overlapping Centre-Backs – Ebook

One of the most intriguing of all innovations to come to prominence in recent years is the concept of overlapping centre-backs. Essentially, this is an over-arching principle whereby outside-centre-backs in a back-three formation, have not only a defensive role, but a clearly defined attacking one. Teams like Sheffield United and Atalanta achieved widescale success utilizing overlapping centre-backs in the late 2010s, shocking the world with something new and unique that opposition teams simply could not cope with. While the strategy is relatively rare, there is no denying the potential effectiveness of the methodology when conducted right. That’s why in this ebook, I’m going to be breaking down how to coach a team with overlapping centre-backs, and the necessary steps to execute this tactic within your own system and style of play.

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Overlapping Centre-Backs Ebook

With all the recommendations and guidelines found in this ebook, teams will be able to successfully implement an overlapping centre-back approach at the youth level, and follow in the footsteps set by Sheffield United and Atalanta. Upon purchase, the ebook will be emailed to you via themastermindsite.com@gmail.com as soon as we are notified that payment has been completed. Do not email us asking for your ebook unless you have not received your copy within 24 hours.


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