Game Model Example: 3-5-2

Struggling to know where to start when it comes to creating your own game model? Well look no further than, where we’re bringing you game model examples in each of the game’s most popular formations. These game model examples are exactly as the name suggests – resources for you to rock on and create your own game model. This specific 3-5-2 game model showcases the style of play and key player characteristics that Rhyspect FC would emphasize in each phase of the game. To see a preview of the game model, click the download preview button below. To purchase the game model, click the ‘Purchase’ button below.

Before buying, check out our special deal to get this Ebook and our ‘How to Create a Game Model Framework’ for a total of $9.99 – reducing the framework to more than half the price of its original value.

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Before buying, check out our special deal to get this 3-5-2 Game Model and our ‘How to Create a Game Model Framework’ for a combined total of $9.99 – reducing the framework to more than half the price of its original $7.99 value.


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4-3-3 GAME MODEL EXAMPLE – $4.99

Game Model Example: 3-1-4-2 – $4.99

To learn more about game models and the art of putting things into your own context, see our two podcasts with Sam Holmshaw.

-> Creating a Game Model – with Sam Holmshaw – TMS Podcast
-> Sam Holmshaw – Why everything in coaching needs to fit your context

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