The 5, 10, 10 Cardio Workout at Home

Recently, I’ve fallen out of love for running. The passion’s no longer there, and I’m struggling to have the desire to go outside and do workouts out in the cold. If you’re like me and are looking for ways to stay fit through indoor workouts, here is a great cardio session to stay fit without stepping a foot outdoors.


10 high knees (slow)
10 jumping jacks (slow)
10 leg swings each side
10 lunges
10 hip rotations


5 exercises:
1. Burpees
2. Jump squats
3. Mountain climbers
4. Agility dots
5. High knees

Reps: 10 of each exercise = 1 set
Sets: 10

In other words….

  • 10 burpees
  • 10 jump squats
  • 10 mountain climbers (each side, 20 total)
  • 10 agility dots
  • 10 high knees (each side, 20 total)

X 10 times

NOTE: For a more knee friendly workout, substitute jump squats for jumping jacks, or double up on one of the exercises.

cool down

10 leg swings each side
10 back leg swings each side
10 side leg swings each side
10 hip rotations
10s cat-cow yoga pose
10s cobra yoga pose
10s downward facing dog
light stretching

So there it is! The 5, 10, 10 cardio workout at home. 5 exercises, 10 reps, 10 sets. Be sure to check out more of our Fitness & Endurance articles and workouts, and Player Education resources. Thanks for reading and see you soon!

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