Interview with Andi Gschaider – Founder of B42

Looking for a unique, innovative solution to help your players get through these tough COVID times? Look no further than B42. In this exclusive interview, Rhys Desmond is joined by B42 founder Andi Gschaider to discuss his football training app used by teams and coaches around the world, including pro clubs in Germany like FC Nuremburg. Rhys and Andi discuss how coaches can use the app to inspire their players, how B42 got its name, and the company’s desire to make a social impact. Follow the show @mastermindsite on social media, and stay tuned for more exclusive interviews coming this month.



Andi Gschaider is the Founder and CEO of B42, a football training app that inspires and enables ambitious football teams, coaches and players to have their best possible season. You can find him on Linkedin, and you can find B42 on Instagram and the app store. Be sure to visit B42 football app ( for more information.


Rhys Desmond is the Founder and CEO of, a football tactics and analysis website, that specializes in education for coaches, players and fans of the beautiful game. You can find him on Twitter and Instagram@desmondrhys and @mastermindsite. Subscribe to the show wherever you listen to podcasts to never miss an episode, and visit for more information, articles, analyses, coaching education and more! 


Music for this episode has been wonderfully provided by Pixabay


Creating a Game Model – with Sam Holmshaw The Mastermind Site

You might have heard some buzz recently in the coaching world about something called "game models". But what exactly is a game model and why is it so important to coaches across the globe? Sam Holmshaw joins the podcast to discuss his insight into creating game models, and shares his experiences working in the UK coaching and football scene.  Guest: Sam Holmshaw is the First Team Manager of Ilkey Town Women, the host of @The_SC_Podcast and the Technical Director of @HolmshawAcademy. You can find his website and game model packages at and follow him on social media @SamHolmshaw_MSc. Host: Rhys Desmond is the creator and owner of He is a lifelong lover and educator of the beautiful game. You can find him on Twitter and Instagram @DesmondRhys. Follow TMS: @mastermindsite on Twitter and Instagram. Subscribe via email at the footer of Music: The music for this episode was provided by minwbu from Pixabay. “Min-2019”.

Creating Unstructured Sporting Environments – with Adam Stapleton The Mastermind Site

COVID-19 has presented a unique opportunity for community sports organizations and their coaches to rethink their practices and work toward greater inclusivity. In Canada, few opportunities exist in the community for youth to practice on their own through unstructured play and unstructured learning environments. This episode explores how we can create these unstructured sporting environments in Canada, using programs like Kicks in the UK as an example. We also explore how to inspire youth to achieve greater individual involvement in the sport, both in terms of participation and individual involvement within games.  Guest: Adam Stapleton is a current masters and Youth License student, along with his role as a head coach with Whitecaps London FC. He is also a frequent contributor to the online resource and can be found on Twitter @AdamFStapleton. Host: Rhys Desmond is the creator and owner of He is lifelong lover and educator of the beautiful game. You can find him on Twitter @DesmondRhys. Follow TMS: @mastermindsite on Twitter and Instagram. Subscribe via email at the footer of Music: The music for this episode was provided by minwbu from Pixabay. “Min-2019”.

Coaching During a Pandemic The Mastermind Site

COVID-19 has presented unique challenges for coaches across the globe. A year after joining an MLS-affiliated organization at the start of a pandemic, Trevor McGahan gives Rhys Desmond and an exclusive interview about the challenges he has faced and the experiences he's had after breaking into the coaching scene. Trevor and Rhys also discuss some of the differences between coaching in the United States to Canada, and the exciting future of young Canadian players progressing into the professional game.  GUEST Trevor McGahan is a staff coach for the Vancouver Whitecaps affiliated academy – Whitecaps London FC, and a self-made musician. You can find him and his music on Instagram @dj_melo_91.  HOST Rhys Desmond is the creator and owner of He is also a staff coach for Whitecaps London FC. You can find him on Twitter and Instagram @DesmondRhys. FOLLOW TMS @mastermindsite on Twitter and Instagram. Subscribe via email -> MUSIC The music for this episode was provided by minwbu from Pixabay. “Min-2019”. Be on the lookout in the future for DJ Melo to hopefully be our official music producer! 



The difference between seeing and understanding in analysis

When it comes to analysis, it’s no secret that the goal is to think on a deeper level, scrutinizing over the finer minutia beyond what you see at first glance. But it’s also no secret that this skill takes dedicated time and energy to learn. A lack of deep tactical understanding about the game often comes at a cost to coaches and amateur analysts. They are adequately able to perceive events on a football pitch, but they may be unsure of how to change what they are seeing for the better, or even fully comprehend what they are seeing to the level required. Coaches in my Mentorship Program often ask me – “How do you go from seeing to understanding?” Well that, my friends, is what we’re after today. In this series of notes, I’m going to give you a series of images and videos, where you can go from seeing, to understanding. If you’ve been doing analysis for years, no worries, this will still be an excellent way for you to practice and refine your skills.

Explaining the Ball-Playing-Centre-Half – Player Role Analysis

As the name suggests, a ‘Ball-Playing-Centre-Half’ is a centre-back that excels in possession of the ball, from passing to long passing to carrying to dribbling. They can simultaneously exist as ‘Sweepers’ or ‘Stoppers’, providing another interesting asterisk to the role not found in many other positions. Unlike say a fullback or goalkeeper where we have created clearly defined separations and almost polarizations on a style scale, ‘Ball-Playing-Centre-Halves’ can also be ‘Stoppers’ or ‘Sweepers’.

Explaining the Wing-Back – Player Role Analysis

A wing-back, as the name suggests, is a full-back that operates up and down the wing, holding particular importance in attacking phases. They may contribute to the defensive side of the game, and they may even invert into central areas. But wing-backs do their best work down the by-line, where they can deliver crosses into the box, utilize their trickery and skill to go 1v1, and surge up the field through their dynamic pace and timing of movement into dangerous areas. Here is our latest Player Role Analysis.

Alan Koch – FC Edmonton – Tactical Analysis

Koch has made a series of tactically intriguing decisions over the course of the past eleven games, developing a clear sense of style with his team. So with that, here is our tactical analysis of Alan Koch’s FC Edmonton, why the Eddies are still worth a watch this season, and our recommendations for the team moving forward.

A short corner routine that will guarantee goals (ft. KC Current)

While brilliant, this set-piece won’t work 100% of the time. But if your team can properly assess a time to play a short corner like this (such as having a player unmarked at the top of the box) and capitalize on that opportunity, this corner kick routine courtesy of Kansas City may just guarantee you goals.

Forge’s new signings paying dividends in recent run of form – Tactical Analysis

The atmosphere inside Tim Hortons Field was electric on Sunday, culminated by a string of impressive performances leading toward another top class win over first-placed Pacific FC. The Hammers dominated the tempo of the match from start to finish, with the entire squad in full flow and complete harmony over a tired Pacific team. Impressively, Forge’s recent run of form has been accompanied by the introduction of two new faces to the team – Malik Owolabi-Belewu and Rezart Rama. Both have fit like a glove in Bobby Smyrniotis’ side, pushing others into roles that allow the entire team to achieve equilibrium and stability. Here is our match analysis of Forge’s 3-0 win over Pacific, and the impressive accomplishments of Owolabi-Belewu and Rama since entering the frame.

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