Fox in the Box – November 2021

Magazine of November 2021! In this month's edition of Fox in the Box, we explore Antonio Conte's Spurs, Ralf Rangnick's potential for greatness with Manchester United, and a discussion about the Goalkeeper of the Year. Subscribe to our monthly subscription for $1.00 per month or login to your account, to view the magazine.

The Role of Mental Health in Football

The football world is known to people around the world as an industry, a game of enjoyment, a game where a lot of money can circulate, and where a lot of players and teams battle with each other to win and become the best. One aspect which the fans and footballing community at large neglect to take into consideration when thinking about football is the mental health of players and coaches, and how mental health affects those involved in the beautiful game. Check out our latest article by guest writer Xhulio Zeneli.

Bakayoko’s Good, But He’s No Nemanja Matic

There's a strange trend in the Premier League of recent years. For whatever reason, the champions of the previous season always seem to struggle the next. Chelsea have continued this odd trend so far in 2017-18, and although they haven't been quite as bad as Leicester last season or the Blues themselves two years ago, … Continue reading Bakayoko’s Good, But He’s No Nemanja Matic

Ander Herrera Is What Makes Manchester United Tick

Upon the arrival of Jose Mourinho to Old Trafford and the subsequent signings of Paul Pogba, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Henrikh Mkhitaryan many had expectations that this would be Manchester United's year to win the Premier League title. It hasn't quite panned out that way and although the club are unbeaten in their last 14 league … Continue reading Ander Herrera Is What Makes Manchester United Tick