Marcelo Gallardo – River Plate – Tactical Analysis

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In the managerial merry go round of the modern day world, Marcelo Gallardo is a rare example of a manager who has achieved success whilst staying at one club long-term. The Argentinean has been with River Plate since 2014, winning 12 trophies during that time. But keeping with the modern times, he’s constantly evolved his tactics throughout his time in charge, with the side looking very different today from when he first took on the task in 2014. Ahead of the 2021 season, we analyze Marcelo Gallardo’s River Plate in 2019-20.

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Marcelo Gallardo has been linked with some of Europe’s biggest clubs and the Argentinean national team, but he remains at River Plate, with the dream of winning the league title for the first time in his career in 2021. His tactics resemble a vintage Barcelona team, but one that has adapted to the times to incorporate more pressing and a greater emphasis on quick transitions. For how much longer Gallardo remains at River Plate remains to be seen, but for now, he is establishing a reputation as one of the greatest managers Argentina’s top flight has ever seen. 

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