Erik Ten Hag – Ajax – Tactical Analysis

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Since taking over for Marcel Keizer in December 2017, Erik Ten Hag has been a revelation at AFC Ajax. In fact, it would have been difficult for anyone to do a better job. The Dutch manager scraped Ajax back into the title race in his first season in charge, only missing out by four points, and since then has won the Eredivisie, gotten his team to the UEFA Champions League semi-final and now looks set to win the league all over again. That has all culminated in an outrageous 74% of his matches won since the tail-end of 2017. This season they’re up to 81% of their matches won, sitting eleven points clear at the top of the league. So with their fantastic performances and intriguing tactics along the way, here is our Tactical Analysis of Erik Ten Hag’s Ajax in 2020-21.

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Erik Ten Hag has revolutionized Ajax into being one of Europe’s most exciting teams. His side may be unlikely to reach the UEFA Champions League semi-final again anytime soon, but blowing Eredivisie away is still a massive accomplishment for any manager. Further, the fact that the team play such an intriguing style of football makes Ten Hag himself one of the most sought after managers in world football. For now Ten Hag is all in on the project he started at Ajax a little over three years ago, and has them flying on all cylinders. Subscribe to see the full tactical analysis. For the accompanying YouTube video by RDF Tactics, see the below.

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