Futbol Masterminds – UEFA Champions League Quarter Final Predictions

Ahead of the upcoming UEFA Champions League quarter final matches, Kausty, Russell and Rhys break down their predictions for each enthralling match-up. After the panel give their predictions, chaos ensues as Russell forgets the recording is still live and goes on a tangent about Virgil Van Dijk and Erling Haaland's dad. Follow @futbolmasterminds on Instagram to see more of the show and subscribe via Itunes and Spotify!


UEFA Champions League Team of the Week Quarter Finals (April 11-12)

The first legs of the UEFA Champions League Quarter Finals were all absolutely fantastic and none of the four matches ended in a stalemate, providing so much intrigue for what could happen next week when the second legs take place. Dortmund bounced back from a horrific attack to put up a good fight against Monaco … Continue reading UEFA Champions League Team of the Week Quarter Finals (April 11-12)

Paulo Dybala: Juventus’ Crowned Jewel

It's official, Paulo Dybala has become one of the world's best footballing stars. Not only has he been Juventus' most important player this season but he's also been better than nearly any other footballer in 2016-17 and continues to lead The Old Lady to better times. In our latest edition of The Mastermind Top 200 … Continue reading Paulo Dybala: Juventus’ Crowned Jewel