Futbol Masterminds Podcast – Reece James Sees Red, Arteta’s Arsenal Woes, and Ronaldo’s Return to the Prem

After the Premier League's third week of action, the band is back together as Rhys and Kausty are joined by Dawar Aziz to discuss all things Chelsea vs. Liverpool and that awful Arsenal performance against Manchester City. The lads also give their opinion on Cristiano Ronaldo's transfer to Manchester United, and what it might mean for Mason Greenwood moving forward.


Breaking Down the Istanbul-PSG Incident and Why What Happened Was Racist

At around thirteen minutes into the UEFA Champions League final group stage game between PSG vs. Istanbul Basaksehir, something completely out of the ordinary happened. Ten minutes later the game was abandoned, with both sides walking off the field in protest at the fourth official. This article will break down everything happened (from what we know), and explain why what happened was indeed racist and why this incident deserves the attention it is currently getting as an act of racism.

Top 10 Worst Red Cards In Football History

In light of Sergio Aguero's horror tackle on David Luiz, The Mastermind takes a look at the ten worst red card tackles in the history of football. The below list includes only fouls that players were sent of for so Luis Suarez's vampire-like antics and Harrald Schumacher's ridiculous punch on Patrick Battison that left him … Continue reading Top 10 Worst Red Cards In Football History