UEFA Euro U19 Stars: Cesare Casadei – Player Analysis

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Cesare Casadei already plays for one of the biggest clubs in world football, Internazionale Milano, and you can certainly see why. So composed yet so dominant in possession, the young Italian should provide his future national teammates so much confidence surrounding their next generation. Sequentially, Inter can also maintain faith in their upcoming group, as this homegrown lad looks prepared to settle into the first team squad right away. Completing both offensive and defensive duties to a high standard, you can expect Cesare Casadei to be a few years away from stardom. Here is our analysis of the Italian international after his successful summer at the 2022 U19 Euros.

In possession

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Operating as an influential and quintessential number 8, Casadei is the jigsaw piece that connects attack to defence. Preferring to operate in the half-spaces, particularly on the left, Casadei is a powerful presence both on and off the ball. He can then use that pace and power combined with his raw athleticism and composure to excel in 1v1 situations and outmuscle his opponents.

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Strong, energetic and authoritative, Casadei commonly urges his team on by driving forward and then playing the killer pass upon receiving pressure. Even if not successful in creating chances and advancing his team up the pitch, the 19-year-old’s close control and strength often results in frustration from the opposition and fouls drawn for his team. The Italian’s off-the-ball movement also airs on the side of impeccability, frequently making late runs into the box to finish off chances. He shines on the break, where his powerful, imposing frame can frighten the opposition into oblivion. But he’s also astutely aware of how to pick up pockets of space in the build-up, where he can help facilitate passes out from the back and complete long-range diagonals. His accuracy often turns out to be world class, but the Italian could do with adding some disguise on his passes to reduce the predictability of his play.

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Further forward, the Italian is still learning his trade, working to add an injection of flashiness to his final third conversion. Casadei failed to score or assist a goal in his three matches at the competition. But he has enough tools in his toolbox to refine the most necessary characteristics before breaking through at Inter, where he can then take his game to new heights.

Out of possession

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When defending, Inter’s academy midfielder is, most importantly, always switched on. His mind is constantly evaluating solutions to the opposition’s attacking problems. This is a huge influence on the pitch because it means the youngster maintains his position well and uses his anticipation to intercept intelligently. You can even see how this influences his teammates, constantly ordering around his friends and making himself a worthy leader in Italy’s ranks.

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Casadei certainly has the work ethic to survive at the top of the game. Combine that with a solid vision and awareness of his surroundings and you get a top quality defensive player. Easily one of the most determined players on the pitch, Casadei excels in not only positioning, but timing of his tackles and challenges. We are yet to see the full potential of the Italian when it comes to pressing from the front and fitting into an energetic defensive set-up, but Casadei’s qualities certainly boast well for the future.

Loan options

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Being just 19-years-old, we may not be able to expect Cesare Casadei to fit in right away at Simone Inzaghi’s Inter Milan. As a result, a loan move to another Serie A club could work in Casadei’s favour. Torino would be a great option, operating in an aggressive 3-4-2-1 man-oriented press that would suit his left-sided central midfield role. Sassuolo could be another intriguing option, due to their high dominance and control in possession. I Neroverdi have yet to fully replace the physicality and presence that Manuel Locatelli offered them in midfield once upon a time, and Casadei could be an important step to re-finding that steel.

If not Italy, a move to Belgium could provide a fitting option for the 19-year-old, and Club Brugge could allow Casadei to thrive around other talented youngsters. The club would be acquiring a tireless and intelligent midfielder, destined for the top. But staying could be another awesome option for the Italian, particularly if he finds his way toward greater minutes for the first team in 2022-23.


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Cesare Casadei is a shrewd midfielder who provides valuable upside at both ends of the pitch. His versatility to play either central or defensive midfield will aid his growth in the future, and his defensive desire, physicality, and hard-working attitude should help to make him a highly influential figure for the future of Inter Milan. With the right coaching, and frequent appearances at the top level, Inter Milan have a gem on their hands.

So there it is! An analysis of Cesare Casadei after his impressive performances with Italy at the UEFA U19 European Championships. Be sure to check out more of this series, and follow on social media @mastermindsite to never miss an update. Thanks for reading and see you soon!

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