The characteristics of a thriving football team

A good team, no matter the discipline, requires key characteristics that can help them on their quest to become victorious, gain the title of a champion and achieve the type of success they want to reach. So with that, here are some of the vital characteristics of a thriving football team.

quality Coaching and positive support

No matter the level of the team, quality coaching is a must-have. The right coach can help to keep a positive environment, improving player performance and skills. It’s no wonder why the best teams across the globe invest huge amounts of money to attract sought-after, experienced coaches who are socially competent as much as tactically.

There are two major aspects that influence the team’s success when it comes to coaching. First, a good coach or mentor needs to be devoted to the team and have a passion for the sport. They need to have a passion for working with people beyond just working in the game, and find a way to understand each individual through sharing their passion and devotion. The second vital aspect that a coach must have involves positive support. Players may be dealing with an array of mental, physical and football-related issues that a coach must effectively balance and manage. This, of course, goes beyond just the coach. As a result, the coach needs to understand their role in delegating tasks to knowledgeable others and have a strong understanding of how to use the resources available to them. The role of mental health in sports is vital, and there’s still a long way to go before mental health fully gets the recognition it deserves from sport professionals and coaches.

shared vision and harmony

The coach, or any leader in any setting, needs to help create an environment where participants have a shared vision. This comes from their leadership characteristics and knowledge of the game and people, working in harmony. Buy-in from participants toward that shared vision is one of the most important factors that can make or break a team. As a result, a coach must use leaders in the dressing room or team captains to help garner buy-in and encourage others to follow along with the project. From there, every player should feel as they belong and that they are a valued member of the team. Integrating new players into the mix can be another challenge that coaches have to carefully navigate. Top professional clubs often go through a systematic method of screening when signing a new superstar, ensuring the transferred player will fit harmoniously into the team. A coach must be responsible for laying out the ground work by which this can occur seamlessly. And if the right environment is deployed, every argument or conflict can be handled within this framework. But that said, players and coaches are not the only important individuals when it comes to the success of a football team. The owners, sponsors, or even the parents in a youth context, all play a crucial role.


Numerous factors contribute to the success of a football coach, translating toward the success of a football team. Only some of these characteristics are described above. In professional settings, the best teams are often the ones that are the best coached. As a result, football coaches should seek professional and personal development every day.

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