Four Possible Replacements For Bob Bradley As Swansea City Manager

After just 11 games in charge, Bob Bradley was swiftly sacked as Swansea City manager following a stint of 2 wins, 2 draws and 7 losses. Now that Bob Bradley has become Swansea’s second managierial casuality of the season, the floor is open for debate on who should replace the American. Every other team in the history of the Premier League to sack two managers in the same season has been relegated come the end of the season so whoever takes Bradley’s place will have a lot of work to do in the upcoming months. Nonetheless, here are four managers who may be able to help Swansea steer clear of the relegation zone.

Ryan Giggs 

His short time as Manchester United boss may have been short-lived, but the former Manchester United midfielder has an incredible footballing brain and throughout his career was one to see things that others couldn’t. Now after gaining experience working as Louis Van Gaal’s understudy in the Dutchman’s two season stint at United the Premier League’s all-time appearance leader may be ready to take on a role as a Premier League manager in his native country Wales. Ryan Giggs still doesn’t have much in the way of top-level experience but hey neither did Bob Bradley really. It would definitely be a risky move for the Swans to make but because Giggs has so much football knowledge and has been there playing at the highest level for longer than any Premier League player in history, it is certainly a move that could pay off.

Guus Hiddink

Guus Hiddink couldn’t really turn Chelsea’s problems around last season like Antonio Conte has managed to do this season but he still has a fantastic managerial record. Beyond two brief spells as interim Chelsea manager, the 70-year old Dutchman has managed Russia, Australia, Netherlands and even Real Madrid. His most successful spell as manager however came when he managed PSV Eindhoven to six league titles, four KNVB Cups and helped them lift the European Cup (what is now the UEFA Champions League) in 1987-88. He is also the man responsible for South Korea’s surprising 4th place finish at the 2002 World Cup in Seuol and also led a pretty average Russian side to the semi-finals of the 2008 UEFA European Championships. Although the Dutch manager has been incredibly successful throughout his career, it has to be said that his recent record of late has been pretty poor and last season at Chelsea he won just 37% of his games. If Swansea are looking for a long-term option then Guus Hiddink definitely won’t be the man they call.

Alan Pardew

Alan Pardew may have been under fire for the majority of time at both Crystal Palace and Newcastle United but he does have one thing that Swansea desperately need at the moment, the ability to keep a team, even one that is not playing particularly well, in the Premier League. An incredibly passionate manager who never shies away from controversy, Alan Pardew does seem to have the ability to motivate his players to do better, just check out those dance moves.

But in all seriousness Alan Pardew is an excellent manager who has got the raw end of the deal at both Newcastle and Crystal Palace. He led Crystal Palace to the FA Cup Final last year which is where that dance gif comes from and he also helped Newcastle to a 5th place finish in 2011-12 to win the Premier League’s Manager of the Season Award. His success at both clubs was overshadowed by a string of narrow defeats in which his teams may have been underachieving but never stopped fighting. Pardew also has a pretty decent record at coming back from losing positions, like when he turned a 4-0 deficit to Arsenal around to a 4-4 draw and all of his sides have always attacked with intent, something that Swansea have lacked quite a bit of this season. He might not have had the best of times at either Newcastle or Crystal Palace, but Alan Pardew might be the best option that Swansea City have.

Chris Coleman

The obvious one that everyone is talking about, Chris Coleman, may not have all the experience in the world but has had an incredible calendar year and shocked the world with his team’s performances at Euro 2016. If Chris Coleman were to leave Wales to manage a side that look destined for relegation in the Premier Legue this season I would be shocked. The 46-year old manager who led his nation to a semi-final finish at Euro 2016 is probably soon set for far better things and leaving to manage a side struggling to hang on in the Premier League might be seen as a step down for the Welshman. Coleman unlike Cardiff-born Ryan Giggs is actually from Swansea City though and spent four years there as a player between 1987 and 1991. His tactical know-how and man-management of his players was incredible at Euro 2016 and it is clear that he knows how to play to his best players’ strengths, something that Swansea desperately need to do right now. Coleman might be the one that Swansea City call first but whether or not he would actually leave his position as manager of Wales still remains to be seen.

So there it is! 4 managers who could take over as Swansea City boss for the outgoing Bob Bradley. Who do you think should take over? Comment below to share your thoughts.


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