Roy Hodgson – Crystal Palace – Tactical Analysis

Although far from the flashiest team in the Premier League, Roy Hodgson has had Crystal Palace working like a machine these past few years and has made them into one of the most organized sides across Europe. The systematic way that they play is actually quite simple and although taxing and demanding of the players, it is not overly elaborate. Instead of tactical geniuses and midfield maestros, every single player is an absolute workhorse and understands the role that they play in the team to a tee. This has led to Crystal Palace's success under Roy Hodgson and now in 2020-21, they've won their first two opening Premier League games for the first time in their history. We'd be silly to get carried away and think that they are destined for European football this season, but the Eagles are certainly worth examining for their unique approach to life in the Premier League. Here is a Tactical Analysis all about Roy Hodgson's resilient Crystal Palace.


Euro 2016: New England, Same Old Problem

Let's not sugarcoat it, England did not play well for the majority of the game. They passed the ball around the field going nowhere with it, waiting for fouls to come in and then wasting free kicks (apart from Eric Dier's incredible goal). The day before we had seen a resilient France side breakdown a … Continue reading Euro 2016: New England, Same Old Problem

How England Should Lineup at Euro 2016

Going into Euro 2016, there is a really good feeling surrounding England's National Football Team. They've failed to perform at big international tournaments for over a decade now but with new players like Vardy, Kane and Alli all coming into the fold recently, this could finally be their year to shine. But if England are … Continue reading How England Should Lineup at Euro 2016