Juan Reynoso – Cruz Azul – Tactical Analysis

In the massive amounts of football I've watched over the past two months, it seems almost crazy to say that I've witnessed more of Cruz Azul than just about any other team...having not watched them any time in the last few years before the start of 2022. I started watching the iconic Mexican team in preparation for Forge FC's CONCACAF Champions League double-header against them in February, and now I can't stop. With so much free flowing football, positional rotation and frantic, energetic vibrancy to their play, Cruz are one of the most exciting teams around. So with that, today I bring you my tactical analysis of Juan Reynoso's Cruz Azul in 2022.

Cruz Azul 3-1 Forge FC – Match Analysis

Forge FC might be out of the CONCACAF Champions League for now, but the club can be proud to have even gotten to this point, and to have put up such a strong showing across the two legs. For a club founded less than four years ago to go toe to toe with one of … Continue reading Cruz Azul 3-1 Forge FC – Match Analysis

Forge FC 0-1 Cruz Azul – Match Analysis

While they won't be overly pleased with the result, Forge FC continue to showcase just how far soccer has come in Canada, going toe to toe with Cruz Azul in their first appearance in the CONCACAF Champions League. Cruz may have dominated the match, but Forge put up a valiant fight to the end, and could have easily gotten a result on a different day. Here is our tactical analysis of Forge's 1-0 defeat at the hands of Mexican giants Cruz Azul.