What Philippe Coutinho will bring to Aston Villa

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Earlier this month, Aston Villa agreed to a stunning season-long loan deal with Barcelona to enjoy the services of Coutinho, with an option to buy for a reported £33.5 million. The deal seems to be a perfect platform for the Brazilian to get his career back on track, while also adding a different dimension to Gerrard’s squad in the process. Here is our review on what Philippe Coutinho will bring to Aston Villa, and the odds of the former Liverpool man achieving success with his new club.


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In the quest to replace their captain and talisman Jack Grealish, Aston Villa signed the likes of Emi Buendia, Leon Bailey and Danny Ings. However, none could fill the role to any degree of similarity to Grealish. In Philippe Coutinho, Aston Villa finally have their closest comparison. The sheer status of the Barcelona loanee is enough to ignite greater confidence among players and fans, in a way the others simply couldn’t attain. His arrival and contribution on the pitch will be instrumental in eradicating the wave of unhappiness that supporters have been going through after they lost one of their most creative midfielders. Brilliantly fitting into Steven Gerrard’s tactical approach, Coutinho could prove to be a pivotal addition at Villa Park – finally replace some of that Jack Grealish dribbling and creative magic.

The arrival of Coutinho also means that the likes of Leon Bailey, Emi Buendia, and Danny Ings will not be overworked. The Premier League is a physically demanding competition, and that has only been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Having Coutinho around simply gives Gerrard more options in both attack and his midfield three, both of which could use his upgraded service.


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Not only does Philippe Coutinho add that Jack Grealish-esque spice, but he also adds a different level of experience. The experienced heads like Emi Martinez, Tyrone Mings and John McGinn have experienced nothing quite like Coutinho – a Champions League winner. The creative midfielder has graced three of the most popular leagues in Europe, playing for three of the most famous clubs in Liverpool, Barcelona, and Bayern Munich. Steven Gerrard’s first two signings as Villa manager in Lucas Digne and Philippe Coutinho both signal the intent for greater experience and quality, which should serve Aston Villa brilliantly in the second half of the season.

The deal also presents a happy reunion for Coutinho, coming back to a league where he made his mark as a world beater. After all these years away, Coutinho might regret his decision to leave Liverpool for Barcelona, and the return to a Stevie G team gives the Brazilian a chance to re-find his best form.

So there it is! What Philippe Coutinho will bring to Aston Villa. Be sure to check out more of our Premier League analyses, and follow on social media @mastermindsite via the links below. Thanks for reading and see you soon.

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