Futbol Masterminds Podcast – Arsenal’s Relegation Battle, Chelsea and City Title Contenders but West Ham Top

After the Premier League’s second week of action, the band is back together as Rhys and Kausty are joined by Dawar Aziz to discuss all things Matchday 2 in the Prem. Are Arsenal in a relegation battle? Will Tottenham continue to play like they’re still being haunted by Mourinho’s ghost? And can anyone truly challenge City for the title? We answer all of that and more on this episode. 



Rhys Desmond – Owner and CEO of
@DesmondRhys on Twitter and Instagram.

Kaustubh Kapoor – Podcaster and Creative Producer for @futbolmasterminds on Instagram.

Dawer Aziz – Special Guest and Chelsea fan.
@dawaraziz1 on Instagram.


The music for this episode was provided by minwbu from Pixabay. “Min-2019”.


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