Introducing Spin The Ball – Our Brand New Show!

Have you ever wanted a football podcast guided towards discussing topics set by you – the listener? Here at we are about to provide you with exactly that. Every week, Rhys Desmond, CEO of TheMastermindSite, will be joined by guests from around the world to discuss ideas sent in by you – the listeners. On this inaugural show, Rhys is joined by TMS legend Sam The Man to iron out the final details of the podcast and discuss all the listener submitted ideas for the first week of action. Rhys and Sam then prepare the ball to be spun for the very first time, deciding the topic of next week’s show. And it’s a good one. Submit ideas for the show @mastermindsite on social media or via the links below.



  • Rhys Desmond is the creator and owner of @DesmondRhys.
  • Sam The Man is a CONCACAF soccer expert, excel spreadsheet guru, and Toronto FC fan.


@mastermindsite or @DesmondRhys on Twitter and Instagram. via email.
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The music and sound for this episode was provided by Pixabay and Anchor.

next episode – MOUNT RUSHMORE!

Next week, Rhys and a panel of guests will discuss the various ‘mount rushmore’s’ (aka the top four) of a variety of footballing categories. From the best in each position to the best from each country, there is so much we could discuss next week so submit your ideas below! If you are interested in being a part of the show or have ideas for ranking topics please use the contact form below.

more podcast episodes

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This week John and Declan are joined by Brennan McCaffray and Ziming Gao to talk about City vs. Chelsea, David Moyes' Merry Men and the North London Derby! Panel: Co-Host: John Townsend Twitter: @johntowsend99 Instagram: @johntownsend99 Co-Host: Declan Da Barp Twitter: @dabarp14 Instagram: @declandabarp Guest: Brennan McCaffray Twitter: @bmccaffray13 Instagram: @bmccaffray13 Guest: Ziming Gao Instagram: @ziminggao
  1. The Longball – Premier League Preview Show – City vs. Chelsea, Moyes' Merry Men March On, and the North London Derby
  2. Futbol Masterminds – De Gea Saves a Penalty! But is Paul Pogba Bad for United?
  3. Futbol Masterminds – Ronaldo's Return, Lukaku's Beast Mode Performance and a Special Guest!
  4. The Longball – Premier League Preview Show – Tempers flare in Brazil, Ronaldo's coming home, and the transfer window slams shut
  5. Futbol Masterminds – Reece James Sees Red, Arteta's Arsenal Woes, and Ronaldo's Return to the Prem


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