Chelsea’s Tactical Concerns Under Tuchel – Futbol Masterminds Podcast

Rhys sits down with Kaustubh Kapoor and Russell Tho to discuss why Chelsea are having such a tough time scoring goals. In addition, the panel discuss Leicester City’s injury crisis, and whether or not Liverpool and Tottenham are back on track to claim a top four place. Subscribe via Itunes and Spotify via the links below.



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Kaustubh Kapoor
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Russell Tho
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The music for this episode was provided by minwbu from Pixabay. “Min-2019”.

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Much of the dialogue going into this weekend’s Liverpool-Manchester City match centered around the fixture as a potential title decider for Liverpool. The assumption was that if Liverpool lost, their hopes and dreams of winning the title would dash before their eyes. As it turns out, Liverpool didn’t just lose, but were badly beaten and bruised by a terrific Manchester City side. With all of their struggles this season, not just against City, we take an in-depth look at where Liverpool have gone wrong tactically and beyond.  Guest:  Russell Tho is a Liverpool and Barcelona fan and friend of the show. You can find him on Instagram @russelltho96. Host:  Rhys Desmond is the creator and owner of He is lifelong lover and educator of the beautiful game. You can find him on Twitter @DesmondRhys.  Follow TMS:  @mastermindsite on Twitter and Instagram. Music:  The music for this episode was provided by minwbu from Pixabay. "Min-2019". 

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