Welcome to Borussia Dortmund in 2 Years – Sule and Rudy Sign For Bayern Munich

The German Bundesliga has been very queit so far this January transfer window with many clubs still enjoying their Christmas break. But perhaps Bayern Munich may have just got the ball rolling in what will probably lead to a chain of signings from around the league as Carlo Ancelotti’s side have now signed two of the Bundesliga’s most promising players Sebastian Rudy and Niklas Sule.

Both players of TSG 1899 Hoffenheim will join the Bundesliga giants in July after the 2016-17 season comes to a close with Rudy making a move for free and Sule making a move for an undisclosed fee.

The deals for both players are rather strange one’s. Both are tremendous players but if Bayern Munich were going to sign such a talent like Sebastian Rudy don’t you think they would have done it when the lad was maybe 21, 23, 25? He’s 26 now and although The German international is a very good player who can play a number of different positions it is unlikely that he’s going to come straight into the side. The central midfielder who has also proven to be an excellent right back won’t be knocking Phillipp Lahm out of the team anytime soon, nor will he be able to steal a place away from Joshua Kimmich, Arturo Vidal, Thiago Alcantara or in the immediate term Xabi Alonso. Sule meanwhile, 21 years of age, is even less likely to earn a place in the starting 11 anytime soon and unfortunately might just turn out to be another player whisked away by Dortmund in a couple of years time. The Bavarian club just signed Mats Hummels in July and on top of that Jerome Boateng, Javi Martinez and Joshua Kimmich were looking likely to occupy that position for years to come for die Roten. The signing of Sule should give more protection to those players should they become injured but wasn’t everyone saying the exact same thing about Sebastian Rode, who now plays for Borussia Dortmund? I wish them the best of luck but the timing of both signings is a little strange as they should probably have waited for Niklas Sule’s game to develop even further and Sebastian Rudy should have earned himself a move years ago.

As they usually do Bayern Munich have just gone in to one of the Bundesliga’s next best teams and swooped away their two best players. For now the pair will remain at the club but the loss of a captain and the two best players at any club is enough to do some serious damage so they’ll have to do some serious surgery come July. To make matters worse, Rudy was sold on a free so the funds available to replace such a capable player may now be lacking.

For Sebastian Rudy, given how versatile he is things will probably work out for him at Bayern Munich. He won’t ever be a star but he will probably be a very good asset for years to come. But for Niklas Sule for now it is welcome to Bayern Munich but in two years it might just be welcome to Borussia Dortmund.

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