Clinical Bayern, German Bundesliga Opening Day Bayern Munich 6-0 Werder Bremen

The German Bundesliga’s opening day went exactly as planned for Bayern Munich as they were able to get off to a flying start and easily win 6-0 over an absolutely terrible Werder Bremen side.

Carlo Ancelotti’s side were quick in getting off the mark as in the ninth minute, after completely dominating nearly 100% of the possession, Xabi Alonso bagged the first goal of the game with an incredible volley that soared into the top corner. Alonso would go on to dominate the rest of the game until he would be eventually taken off in the 63rd minute.

The Quarterback: Xabi Alonso

Xabi Alonso was allowed just far too much time on the ball in Bayern Munich’s opening match against Werder Bremen and as a result he was able to show off his skills and completely dominate the game. The Spanish midfielder was brilliant for his side on opening day, having 66 touches, completing 88% of his passes for a total of 101 passes and even chipping in with the very first goal of the 2016-17 Bundesliga season. He was the quarterback all game long for Bayern Munich and was able to just showcase his footballing intelligence so amazingly well against the Green and Whites. Even when Werder Bremen gained possession of the ball, Alonso was always there to quickly win it back for his side and then distribute a killer pass for a teammate to try and score a goal. Bayern Munich’s opening day was easy and Xabi Alonso was at the forefront of everything.

The Enforcer Turned Playmaker: Thomas Muller

Thomas Muller wasn’t exactly always a guaranteed starter under Pep Guardiola even despite almost always being their best player but under Carlo Ancelotti he looks likely to be die Roten’s most important player in 2016-17 again. The enforcer turned playmaker was absolutely incredible on Friday night, assisting three goals! He also hit the bar and could have had another assist as his brilliant header to Lewandowski in the first half ended up with the Polish striker hitting the crossbar as well. In truth this game could have been eight or nine nil and Thomas Muller was one of the main reasons why.

The Clinical Finisher: Robert Lewandowski

Robert Lewandowski was far too much for Werder Bremen to handle all night long on Friday night. Yes, they allowed him too much to roam around and make a difference for his side, but his off the ball movement and goal scoring touch were just absolutely unreal as the former Borussia Dortmund man chipped in with an opening day hat-trick. Lewandowski gave Bayern Munich a 2-0 lead after thirteen minutes with an incredibly instinctive run down the channel after a wonderful pass from Franck Ribery before slotting the ball into the top corner from a tough angle. The Bayern Munich man then gave his side a 3-0 lead early on at the start of the second half after an amazing cross from Muller and then made it all 6-0 late on after an incredibly decisive penalty shot. The Polish striker and Bayern Munich were so brilliant on opening day that Lewandowski could have had a double hat-trick. His link up play was good, his off the ball movement was incredible and of course he was clinical as ever in front of goal.

The Everything Else: Philipp Lahm 

It was a vintage Philipp Lahm performance on Friday night as he continued to do the simple things, show off his incredible ability and even score a goal. All game long Bayern Munich were dominating possession. Eventually, Philipp Lahm was able to abandon his right back position because there was no need to be there. The German World Cup Winner just surged forward played a one two with Vidal and then Muller and then he put the ball in the back of the net for four. Despite being a right back, Lahm was still integral in orchestrating attacks for his side. He had 78 touches, 57 passes and created 5 chances! It was just incredible stuff again from Philipp Lahm and it’s performances like this from Bayern Munich that just make them look like they are never going to be stopped.


Bayern Munich were unbelievably good in their first Bundesliga match under Carlo Ancelotti and every other team watching will be quaking in their boots with the thought of coming up against die Roten in the future. It was so one sided that at any opportunity that he could get, any stoppage in play, Manuel Neuer was asking the ball boys to throw him some balls, just to give him some catching practice and something to do! The opposite end goalkeeper, Felix Weidwald meanwhile wasn’t even bad, he made 8 saves! But back to Bayern Munich, we haven’t even mentioned the brilliance of Franck Ribery who scored and assisted a goal, Mats Hummels who never put a foot wrong and was finally able to make his Bundesliga debut with Bayern Munich or Thiago Alcantara and Arturo Vidal who dominated the midfield alongside Xabi Alonso and hardly put a foot wrong all night either. Werder Bremen were very, very bad on opening day but Bayern Munich were equally incredible as they walked to a 6-0 win.


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