Barclays Premier League Player of the Week (GW2): Paul Pogba

Manchester United Paul Pogba debut

Paul Pogba could hardly have asked for a better debut return to Manchester United. He controlled the play, dictated the tempo, orchestrated attacks and linked perfectly between defense and attack just like every good midfielder should. He was the epitome of what it means to be a central midfielder in fact, doing absolutely everything in the game. He was the pass master of the team, he was the play-maker, he was the linchpin, the orchestrator, the tough tackling defensive midfielder, he was absolutely everything Manchester United needed him to be against Southampton. Pogba constantly won possession back for his team and then distributed it accordingly. The French midfielder was so confident, so comfortable on the ball, always urging other players to get forward so that he could be the distributor and orchestrator of United’s attacks. He had 103 touches on the ball, 30 more than any other Manchester United player. Pogba also won 8 dribbles, just dangling his way through the opposition all game long and at the same time he was also a constant threat to score, taking 4 shots, 1 of which was an excellent opportunity to open his account. He was everywhere on the pitch on Friday night and if this is a sign of what’s to come for Paul Pogba, he may turn out to be a bargain.

Paul Pogba Manchester United Debut

Paul Pogba put in a man of the match performance against Southampton and could not have asked for a better debut. Paul Pogba is The Mastermind‘s Player of the Week!


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