Spin The Ball – Would I Lie To You – Soccer with Priests, Dislocated Kneecaps and Hamburgers at Practice

Spin The Ball is back! And back with a bang, as Rhys and the panel get together to play the British game show Would I Lie To You? football styled. Each panelist comes up with two football stories from their past, one truth and one lie, as the others attempt to guess which is which. Stories include Declan's experience playing soccer with priests in Rome, Victor's dislocated kneecap, Rhys' hamburger infused 1on1 session and Alex's interesting encounter with a global star. Subscribe to the show via itunes and spotify and follow on Twitter @mastermindsite. Submit ideas for the show using the links below or at themastermindsite.com.


Spin The Ball – Mount Rushmore of Managers, Underrated Players & U-23 Talents

Have you ever wanted a football podcast guided towards discussing topics set by you - the listener? Welcome to Spin The Ball! On episode number two of the show, Rhys is joined by Adam Palermo of TheMastermindSite and Bundesliga Daily to select the 'Mount Rushmore' (top four) of various footballing categories. Topics include Best Managers, Underrated Players, U-23 Players Most Likely To Win The Ballon D'Or and Academy Products to Break into Their First Team in the Last Five Years. After ranking all of the Mount Rushmores, Rhys and Adam discuss your ideas submitted this week and spin the ball to decide what's coming up next week. You can submit ideas for the show @mastermindsite on social media or via the links below.