Top 100 Footballers In The World 2018 (100-81)

Every time a World Cup rolls around, new stars seem to be born instantly. The 2018 World Cup in Russia was no different as players like Harry Maguire, Jordan Pickford, Ivan Perisic and Lucas Hernandez announced themselves on the world stage. That being said, the World Cup was only a very small portion of 2018. What really matters in determining the best footballers on the planet for the year is all about how a player performed primarily for their club in a variety of different league, cup and international cup competitions. How they fared for their country is secondary, while their overall reputation as one of the best in the world also plays a very important role. But without further ado, here is the first batch of the Top 100 Footballers of the Year for 2018 starting with numbers 100-81.

OFFICIAL: Top 100 Male Footballers of 2018

It is finally here! The Top 100 Footballers in the World for the calendar year of 2018, set to be revealed over the next week. 2018 gave us the happy surprises of Croatia and England at the World Cup although it was Deschamps' France that lifted the trophy; the dominance of Real Madrid in the … Continue reading OFFICIAL: Top 100 Male Footballers of 2018

Euro 2016 Team of the Week (Gameweek 3)

Goalkeeper: Volkan Babacan  Let's be honest, Turkey should not have won their game 2-0 over the Czech Republic. The Czechs had 12 attempts but couldn't score from any of them. Why? Volkan Babacan! Volkan Babacan made 5 saves against the Czech Repbulic and was constantly in the way of their hopes of scoring a goal and reaching … Continue reading Euro 2016 Team of the Week (Gameweek 3)