VOTE: The Mastermind Awards 2017

The time has come to voice your opinion and vote for each and every category of The Mastermind Awards 2017. With over 180 articles, it has been another successful year on The Mastermind and now that it is coming to an end, the celebrations can now begin. But before you begin, be sure to check out who … Continue reading VOTE: The Mastermind Awards 2017


The Mastermind Award Nominees 2017: Best Hairstyle

What would a reality TV star or footballer be without their hair? Sure neither industry is all to do with looks, but a look can make or break anyone on TV; the hair in particular as it adds so much in creating an identity around ones personality. Typically, the more eccentric the hair, the more … Continue reading The Mastermind Award Nominees 2017: Best Hairstyle