Rezart Rama – Scouting Report

Positions: RB, RCB3
Age: 21
Height: 185cm
Foot: Right
Birth/Passport: Greece/Albania
Club Team: Forge FC

TMS Player Rating (Ranking): 7.56 (#1 RB)
Player Analysis: Rezart Rama – Player Analysis
TMS Player Type: Wide Warrior

Key Notes

Rezart Rama has quickly become a fan-favourite at Forge FC, with his endless energy sources rampaging around the pitch at every turn. An absolute warrior, beast at the back, and more or less a complete defender, Rama is a pivotal marker for success that the Hammers want to have on the ball at every turn. It shows up in the stats, with the 21-year-old completing the most progressive passes and passes into the final third per 90 of any player to make more than 2 appearances in the league this season.

SEE MORE: Rezart Rama – Player Analysis

Key Stats

Heatmap: SofaScore (2022 CPL Season). Stats: Wyscout (2022 CPL Season) on a per 90 basis. _ = 1st among cohort.

MPMinutesTouches xGxAKey P.Def. ActAtt. Act
Prog. PPass F. 1/3YCPass %Drb. %Aerial %Def. Duel %Att. Duel %

Scouting cohort includes: Daan Klomp (Cavalry), Chrisnovic N’Sa (York United), Miguel Acosta (Atletico Ottawa), Olakunle Dada-Luke (Pacific), Zachary Fernandez (HFX Wanderers), Andy Baquero (Valour).

Similar Comparisons

1Chrisnovic N’SaYork UnitedWide Warrior (RB)7.40
2Daan KlompCavalry FCWide Warrior (RB/CB)7.46
3Miguel AcostaAtletico OttawaInverted Fullback (RB/CB)7.24
4Fraser AirdCavalry FCWide Warrior (RWB)7.34


– Aggression and timing of tackles in 1v1 dueling.
– Box to box mobility to link attacks and recover position.
– Forward, progressive passing and ability to link up in final third combinations with underlapping and overlapping movements.


– Over-exuberance in aggression and style of play, leading to fouls and flying in too fast on tackles.
– Timing of shots + lack of chance creation incisiveness in the final third.



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Our comprehensive Canadian Premier League Scouting Database will be the first of its kind, offering detailed reporting and analysis on the best players in the league. Once creating the reports for each cohort, we will write a follow-up analysis with comparison statistics and official rankings!

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