Wayne Rooney’s Top 10 Goals for Manchester United

If there is one thing that Wayne Rooney knows how to do, it is score fantastic goals. The British striker just scores all kinds of goals, from headers to volleys to free kicks to even incredible bicycle kicks and has scored more goals of the highest quality than any other player in Premier League history. The Manchester United legend was already the second highest goal scorer in Premier League history and on January 21, 2017 added another milestone to his name as he broke Sir Bobby Charlton’s record to become Manchester United’s all time leading goal scorer. The Manchester United forward has now scored 250 goals in all competitions for the Red Devils and the ten below are his best ever in a United jersey. Enjoy!

10. Long-range goal vs. Norwich (2013)

After picking up the ball from Patrice Evra, Rooney just had one thing on his mind: shoot and score. But as the defender quickly closed him down, the United forward decided to fake the shot and completely take him out of the game, freeing himself up into yards of space where he could strike a thunderous effort at goal. The ball soared into the top corner, giving the goalkeeper no chance. From the moment he picked up the ball, absolutely everything here was perfect from Wayne Rooney and led to this fantastic goal.

9. Volley vs. Aston Villa (2015)

This stunning strike comes from just over a year ago against Aston Villa and even includes an assist from United flop Angel di Maria. After di Maria played the ball into the Premier League’s second highest goal scorer, Rooney had it all to do, especially with his back to goal. But the English forward took it down with a wonderful touch, twisted and turned and then volleyed it into the top corner. How he managed to get so much power on it let alone even get his foot to it before the defender did was incredible and this goal is certainly one of the striker’s best in recent years.

8. Chip vs. Bolton (2007)

Remember when Wayne Rooney had pace? It was actually only a season or two ago when he started to lose it but in 2007, you may be surprised to know that he was actually one of the fastest footballers in the Premier League. It was a wonderful pass and move by Ronaldo and Rooney, teaming up like they always did back then and combining to score this wonderful goal. Wayne Rooney still had a lot to do when he received the ball back from his Portuguese teammate and was immediately closed down by the goalkeeper. But Wayne Rooney did what he always does and remained cool before chipping the goalkeeper. Amazing goal and one that makes you reminisce about the days when Rooney and Ronaldo played in the same team.

7. Chip vs. Middlesbrough (2005)

A young Wayne Rooney loved to chip the keeper and with good reason too, he was probably better at it than any other player before him. The goalkeeper was so far off his line, almost asking Rooney to score on him which is why this isn’t as high as it maybe could be but this was still an amazing, perfectly placed chip. The striker used his pace and power to beat the defender to the ball and without even taking time to think, knew exactly what he had to do, lob the goalkeeper from far out. This type of finish was the epitome of Wayne Rooney when he first joined Manchester United.

6. Volley vs. Middlesbrough (2005)

20-year old Wayne Rooney always knew where the back of the net was. Just check out this excellent volley against Middlesbrough in the FA Cup. In the same match he had already chipped the goalkeeper (goal #7 above) but decided to take things to the next level with this stunning strike. You may be mistaken to think this is just a routine finish but this is no easy skill at all. He had to check his run for a split second so that he could get the right angle on it and then he managed to catch it on the volley and aim at the opposite post in spectacular fashion. This was one of Rooney’s best ever games and one of his best ever goals as well.

5. Free Kick vs. Manchester City (2011)

Manchester City had been slowly building their club into a Premier League dynasty for years prior to this and this trashing of United was a sign of the beginning of City’s inevitable takeover as top club in Manchester. The Citizens were up 4-0 until Wayne Rooney stepped up to hit home this stunning free kick. The Manchester United man has been known for his free kick prowess over the years, scoring one on his debut, two against Arsenal in that 8-2 victory and even the goal this past weekend that earned him the record, but this one was the best of the bunch. Sir Alex Ferguson’s side were pretty dreadful on the day but this shot from Rooney certainly wasn’t.

4. Chip vs. Portsmouth (2007)

There has hardly been a better chip in the history of football than this one. This is a classic example of how incredible Rooney’s instincts are as the moment he picked up the ball, he saw James off of his line and knew exactly what he was going to do. The Englishman set himself as if he was going to let fly a thunderbolt but instead chipped the ball over top the goalkeeper and as it soared right into the top left corner even if James had been in his goal he might not have been able to save it. This is just a classic Wayne Rooney goal from the man who was only 22 at the time.

3. Long-range goal vs. West Ham (2011)

Ah yes, who could forget this incredible long-range effort from the United captain against West Ham United. This goal is even better than David Beckham’s legendary half-way line goal and he said so himself. He might have given the defender a little bit of nudge, but he still had no right to go on and try the strike from halfway on the volley! He didn’t even have a second to set himself so how he even knew that the goalkeeper was off of his line was amazing. Again with so much pace and power after Adrian found himself off of his line he had absolutely no chance of stopping this one.

2. Volley vs. Newcastle (2005)

Wayne Rooney never mastered the Lionel Messi styled solo goal but one thing that he certainly did master was the art of the volley. Just take a look at this stunning volley against Newcastle United in 2005 as an example. The then 20-year old Rooney struck this from an incredible distance out and with so much velocity and so much accuracy, no goalkeeper in the world would have saved it. This skill is so hard to pull off as it’s one thing to set yourself up for a volley, but it’s a complete different skill when you have to watch the ball come down in the air off of a defender and strike it at the exact right time to get it on target. 99% of the rest of the footballing planet would have hit this into the stands but not Wayne Rooney; Wayne Rooney managed to pull off something magical.

1. Bicycle kick vs. Manchester City (2011)

Not only is this goal from Wayne Rooney his best ever, it is also considered to be one of the greatest goals in football history and even won the rights to be crowned the best goal in Premier League history at the 20 Seasons Awards. The cross from Nani was wicked but then Wayne Rooney jumped as high up in the air as he could, made contact with the ball beautifully and smashed it in to the top corner. You’ll never see a bicycle kick as perfect as that in your life. The ball was in the back of the net before Joe Hart even had time to blink an eye. Out of all of Wayne Rooney’s 250 goals for Manchester United this one stands out well above the rest and will forever be the moment that the United legend will be remembered by.

So there it is! The top 10 goals from the man who might just be Manchester United’s greatest ever footballer. Wayne Rooney’s free kick against Stoke that broke Sir Bobby Charlton’s record was the 250th career goal for Manchester United but it certainly will not be his last. This is a record that could stand for a very, very long time and reinstates the fact that the long-time United legend is one of the Premier League’s all-time greatest players.

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