The Mastermind Award Nominees 2016: Best Hairstyle

Hair means very little in both Reality TV and Football but it can make a character more likable, fun to watch and have an effect on their personality. Typically the crazier the hair, the crazier the personality. These are The Mastermind‘s Nominees for Hairstyle of the Year.

Gareth Bale ♥

Gareth Bale is brilliant

Ever since losing the fohawk and switching over to the man bun, Gareth Bale has received just about as much attention for his hair as his goals. The Real Madrid star rocked a pony tail at Euro 2016 and stuck with the man  bun throughout the year with Los Blancos and it is continuing to work both on and off the pitch for him.


Paul Abrahamian 

Paul and Paulie

Although not incredibly attractive by everyone’s standards, Paul’scrazy hairstyle contributed massively to his role as a villain and vibrant character on Big Brother 18. The beard and mohawk were both characteristics that made the BB18 Mastermind either loved or hated by fans around the world and certainly played a big part in how he saw himself as a character of the show. Paulie Calafiore (on the right) even loved it so much that he decided to copy his entire look.

Paul's Bad Start

Phoebe Timmins 


Proving that bangs are still in, Phoebe Timmins rocked Australian Survivor and won the hearts of fans around the world with her incredible gameplay, fantastic aptitude for the game and pretty hair and face to match. Generally being regarded to fall under the “sexy strategist” role, Phoebe never shied away from making big moves in the game or using fliration and her looks as a way of getting ahead. Whether she was letting it flow or curling it up in a bun, Phoebe was stunning her fellow contestants with her gameplay and was looking good in the process.


Cydney Gillon 


Survivor Kaoh Rong’s Cydney Gillon (far right) had undoubtedly amazing hair. This bodybuilding sensation wasn’t just ripped from head to toe, she also had quite the hairstyle to match. Always in a bun, and coloured with two different shades of brown, Cydney’s hair was always impressive to look at and was unlike that of anything else seen ever before on the show. As a contestant that will always be remembered for her hilarious quotes, Cydney’s hair is something not to be forgotten anytime soon either.

Cydney Gillon 2

Renato Sanches 


18-year old Renato Sanches was one of the surprise stars of Euro 2016 and had a massive role in helping his side secure their first ever major trophy. But one thing that also has to be mentioned about this Portuguese sensation is how much cooler his hairstyle is than the man he is looking to emulate on the field, Cristiano Ronaldo. Long dreds that fly everywhere when he’s running at full speed made this vibrant youngster not only fun to watch but made for a great image every time he scored a goal.

Renato Sanches

Tim Dormer 

Tim Dormer 1

Being exhuberant is practically a prerequisite to getting on a Reality TV Program these days and few can claim to be more exhuberant than Tim Dormer. After winning Australian Big Brother back in 2013, Tim instantly rose to stardom for his hilarious antics and distinct hairdo. And after appearing on Big Brother Canada in 2016 and finishing a commendable third place, Tim has become one of the most well-known and talked about Big Brother stars around the world. Every well-known person needs a distinct feature to match and Tim has certainly got that covered with his amazing hair. With his long, curly almost golden hair, you just can’t help but listen to Tim Dormer when he speaks.


Paul Pogba 

Paul Pogba 2

Although this French footballing sensation does not really have one distinct hairstyle, Paul Pogba’s constant changing of his hair is exactly why he has earned a place on this list. Every single time Paul Pogba changes his hair, a whole new amount of confidence and swagger is brought with it. From the fancy pattern above to the star he had on his head for a while at Juventus to the blonde fade cut that he had when he first arrived at Manchester United, Paul Pogba’s hair has become almost like a game in itself as oyu just never know what you’re going to get.


So there it is The Mastermind‘s Nominations for Hairstyle of the Year as part of The Mastermind Awards 2016So where do I vote?! Voting is now open here -> VOTE: The Mastermind Awards 2016. Enjoy! And if you haven’t done so already, make sure to check out The Mastermind Award Nominees 2016 Page for all the details on who and what is up for every single award. Have fun! 🙂



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