Survivor Winner Rankings 2017

In thirty-four seasons of Survivor, there have been some amazing winners. It is so incredibly hard to rank them as they all played vastly different games and had to overcome a very different set of circumstances to win their seasons. Nonetheless, just like every Survivor nerd, The Mastermind has attempted to rank every single winner of … Continue reading Survivor Winner Rankings 2017


How To Win The Game of Survivor as a Male

Is it harder to win the game of Survivor as a male or as a female? That is the main question I am exploring in the Survivor Brainstorm this week. This is part two in a three article series exploring this topic. For part one click here. This whole idea came to me while watching Sophie … Continue reading How To Win The Game of Survivor as a Male

Top 10 Survivor Social Game Performances

The Top 10 Best Social Game Performances in the History of Survivor. Limiting entries to only one per player and to only one per category, so if you think someone is missing, check out "Top 10 Survivor Strategic Game Performances" 10. Danni Boatwright - Guatemala (Winner) Danni overcame one of the greatest odds to ever … Continue reading Top 10 Survivor Social Game Performances