Top 10 Big Brother Canada Players: First 5 Seasons

In just five seasons, the quality of play in the Big Brother Canada house was incredible and helped to make for one amazing television program. Through just five seasons we saw players of the highest quality, some that would even match the legends of the BBUS game. Although there of course were some terrible players, what is certainly more intriguing is discussing who were the best of the best and this is what The Mastermind has come up with. 


If Big Brother Canada 5 Was An All Star Season

  With just a month left until the premiere of Big Brother Canada and still a minimal amount of information about what the season has in store, rumours have begun floating around (as they usually do) that Big Brother Canada 5 could be an all-star season. You might think it's too early for an all … Continue reading If Big Brother Canada 5 Was An All Star Season