Why I Wrote ‘Why MasterChef Is Fake’

On April 4, 2017, I wrote and posted an article titled Why MasterChef Is Fake. Season 7 of the American version of MasterChef had finished in September and season 8 was just a few months away. Before Season 8 was to air, I felt like I needed to speak up and say what many people were wondering or thinking at the time: MasterChef USA is fake.


Why MasterChef Is Fake

As of October 5, 2019, all Reality TV content on themastermindsite.com will be moved to our new site - realitytvtms.com. Make sure to check out what Reality TV TMS has in store right now. Why MasterChef Is Fake is our most popular post ever and so it's only fitting that this article will be the first … Continue reading Why MasterChef Is Fake