The evolution of the goalkeeper

oalkeepers need to have strong psychological skills, and always back themselves to perform. Even when they are full of confidence and everything they touch stays out of the net, that can all change so quickly. If a goalkeeper slips up, it usually results in a goal, and that inherently makes their position so much more difficult than any other.

How social media changed football

As for everything new in the world, for every change there is a debate as to whether it has brought more positive or negative outcomes. We are currently seeing that debate ongoing with VAR, and it's no different with social media. Recently players, clubs, pundits and writers around the world even took a hiatus from social media in protest of the issues still going on that they feel social media companies are not doing enough to stop.

Supporting young players in football

Every professional football player started playing the game at a young age. As a result, the preparation and training of young players has a major impact on their future. Youth football is a time for players to learn the basics of the game, and have fun. The two most important stakeholders in that journey are coaches and parents.

Session Plan – Passing Techniques & Combinations

Head of Coaching Content - Xhulio Zeneli - presents this session on passing, for a 13+ team. The learning objectives of this passing session plan are to replicate in game passing situations. The players learn technical aspects like directional control and passing with different parts of the foot. There is also a physical element with an overall objective to practice combinations that will lead to a shot on goal.

The philosophy of a young coach – Xhulio Zeneli

It is important for any coach to have a clear vision for how they want their team to play. Coaching content creator Xhulio Zeneli breaks down his coaching philosophies to our readers.  

The Role of Mental Health in Football

The football world is known to people around the world as an industry, a game of enjoyment, a game where a lot of money can circulate, and where a lot of players and teams battle with each other to win and become the best. One aspect which the fans and footballing community at large neglect to take into consideration when thinking about football is the mental health of players and coaches, and how mental health affects those involved in the beautiful game. Check out our latest article by guest writer Xhulio Zeneli.