Canadian Premier League – Player Ratings

After the first week of action in the 2022 Canadian Premier League season, we officially launched our brand new Player Evaluation System. The details of this can be found in this article – Evaluating players based on role continuity, and we have already begun the process of identifying roles for specific players as we progress through the season. Here are how the players of the Canadian Premier League currently rank based on our brand new model, as of June 30, 2022.

CANadian Premier league PLAYER RATINGS

* Updated as of 2022-06-30. 1-148.

1CMManny AparicioBox to Box Midfielder8.019Pacific
2LBDiyaeddine AbziWing-Back7.7810York
3CBAndrew Jean-BaptisteStopper7.764Valour
4DMAlexander Achinioti-JönssonBall-Playing Centre-Half7.7210Forge
5RWDavid ChoiniereInverted Winger7.719Forge
6CMJérémy Gagnon-LaparéDeep-Lying Playmaker7.7011Halifax
7AMSean ReaCreative Ten7.6811Valour
8DMAndre RampersadAnchor7.6810Halifax
9AMTristan BorgesCreative Ten7.668Forge
10CBKarifa YaoSweeper7.6310Cavalry
11CMOllie BassettBox to Box Midfielder7.5410Atletico
12RBZachary FernandezWing-Back7.5211Halifax
13RWMarco BustosCreative Ten7.5012Pacific
14RBRezart RamaWide Warrior (FB)7.485Forge
15CFMoses DyerChannel Runner7.4811Valour
16LBBrett LevisWing-Back7.488Valour
17RBOlakunle Dada-LukeWing-Back7.449Pacific
18CBDominick ZatorBall-Playing Centre-Half7.4312York
19CMKyle BekkerDeep-Lying Playmaker7.4210Forge
20RBAboubacar SissokoInverted Fullback7.4110Forge
21RBChrisnovic N’saWide Warrior (FB)7.3911York
22CFAlejandro DiazTarget Man7.3811Pacific
23RWBallou TablaDynamic Dribbler7.3710Atletico
24CBThomas Meilleur-GiguèreBall-Playing Centre-Half7.3511Pacific
25DMDiego GutierrezShuttler7.3510Valour
26STAribim PeppleTarget Man7.356Cavalry
27RWBFraser AirdWide Warrior (FB)7.345Cavalry
28CBGarven MetusalaBall-Playing Centre-Half7.306Forge
29CBAbdulmalik Owolabi-BelewuBall-Playing Centre-Half7.306Forge
30CBMacdonald Ngwa NibaStopper7.296Atletico
31DMAlessandro HojabrpourTempo Setter7.289Forge
32CBDominic SamuelBall-Playing Centre-Half7.284Forge
33CBJordan WilsonBall-Playing Centre-Half7.2512York
34GKNathan InghamSweeper Keeper7.2410Atletico
35CBEriks SantosStopper7.2311Halifax
36RWAli MusseDynamic Dribbler7.2210Cavalry
37CBAmer DidicBall-Playing Centre-Half7.2112Pacific
38RCBDaan KlompStopper7.2110Cavalry
39GKMarco CarducciShot Stopper7.198Cavalry
40RWSamuel SalterDynamic Dribbler7.1911Halifax
41CBRoger ThompsonSweeper7.185York
42RBAndy BaqueroWing-Back7.1710Valour
43CMGabriel BitarMidfield Maestro7.1612Edmonton
44CMDaryl FordyceDeep-Lying Playmaker7.159Valour
45LBAshtone MorganWing-Back7.135Forge
46RWCory BentDynamic Dribbler7.128Halifax
47DMCharlie TraffordMidfield Destroyer7.1210Cavalry
48LWJoshua HeardInverted Winger7.1011Pacific
49CMVictor LoturiBox to Box Midfielder7.1010Cavalry
50RWWilliam AkioDynamic Dribbler7.1012Valour
51RBMiguel AcostaWide Warrior (FB)7.0910Atletico
52RWTobias WarschewskiDirect Goal-Scorer7.0711Edmonton
53STTerran CampbellChannel Runner7.059Forge
54CMAidan DanielsBox to Box Midfielder7.049Halifax
55CMJamar DixonTempo Setter7.029Pacific
56LBKwasi PokuWing-Back7.025Forge
57CBMateo RestrepoBall-Playing Centre-Half7.0210Halifax
58LWSergio CamargoCreative Ten7.005Cavalry
59AMIsaiah JohnstonMidfield Maestro6.9911York
60RSMalcolm ShawChannel Runner6.9710Atletico
61LWZach VerhovenInverted Winger6.977Atletico
62DMNoah VerhoevenDeep-Lying Playmaker6.9610York
63DMBen McKendryShuttler6.9510Atletico
64CFJoe MasonFox in the Box6.957Cavalry
65CBRocco RomeoBall-Playing Centre-Half6.949Valour
66LWBJose EscalanteWide Warrior6.9411Cavalry
67CBStefan CebaraBall-Playing Centre-Half6.9412Valour
68RWOliver MinatelInverted Winger6.934York
69GKJonathan SiroisSweeper Keeper6.9111Valour
70CBDrew BeckieStopper6.877Atletico
71STMour SambChannel Runner6.874Halifax
72CBDiego EspejoSweeper6.869Atletico
73CFOsaze De RosarioCreative Link6.8612York
74CMPierre LamotheDeep-Lying Playmaker6.849Halifax
75GKNiko GiantsopoulosSweeper Keeper6.8312York
76LBNathan MavilaWing-Back6.838Pacific
77AMSebastian GutierrezMidfield Maestro6.8310York
78LWAlessandro RiggiDynamic Dribbler6.8210Valour
79RWMax FerrariWing-Back6.806York
80STMyer BevanChannel Runner6.797Cavalry
81DMMatthew BaldisimoAnchor6.799Pacific
82LBMaxim TissotWing-Back6.7810Atletico
83LBJordan HaynesWide Warrior (FB)6.786Pacific
84CBBicou BissaintheBall-Playing Centre-Half6.787Edmonton
85CBLuke SinghBall-Playing Centre-Half6.7711Edmonton
86RWWesley Timoteo Wing-Back6.7713Edmonton
87LBColin GanderWing-Back6.7711Halifax
88CBMason TraffordStopper6.7510Cavalry
89CFWoobens PaciusPressing Forward6.7410Forge
90LBBradley VlietInverted Fullback6.747Cavalry
91CMShamit ShomeMidfield Destroyer6.749Edmonton
92CMElliot SimmonsTempo Setter6.739Cavalry
93LWEmery WelshmanChannel Runner6.736Forge
94CMMamadi CamaraShuttler6.7111Edmonton
95CMSean YoungTempo Setter6.698Pacific
96CMAbdoul SissokoShuttler6.6710Atletico
97GKTriston HenrySweeper Keeper6.668Forge
98LWBMarcus SimmonsWing-Back6.6611Edmonton
99GKChristian OxnerSweeper Keeper6.6410Halifax
100LSBrian WrightChannel Runner6.6310Atletico
101CFAkeem GarciaPressing Forward6.638Halifax
102CMNoah JensenTempo Setter6.638Forge
103CMLuca RicciTempo Setter6.585Pacific
104RWBT-Boy FayiaWide Warrior (FB)6.579Edmonton
105LWBBen FiskWide Warrior (FB)6.5510Cavalry
106RBGeorges MukumbilwaWing-Back6.554Pacific
107GKAndreas VaiklaSweeper Keeper6.5312Edmonton
108LCBDavid Norman Jr.Sweeper6.517Cavalry
109CMMarcello PolisiTempo Setter6.506Halifax
110LBFederico PenaWing-Back6.4910Valour
111AMMatthew CatavoloDynamic Dribbler6.497Valour
112CFWalter PonceTarget Man6.497Valour
113LBObeng TabiWing-Back6.468Halifax
114CMCedric ToussaintTempo Setter6.468York
115CMElijah AdekugbeDeep-Lying Playmaker6.4610Cavalry
116CFLowell WrightCreative Link6.447York
117RWMateo HernandezWide Warrior (W)6.438York
118CBCale LoughreySweeper6.4211Edmonton
119RWJean-Aniel AssiDynamic Dribbler6.428Cavalry
120CMZakaria BahousMidfield Maestro6.429Atletico
121CBNyal HigginsSweeper6.4212Edmonton
122CBPeter SchaaleStopper6.428Halifax
123RWBCarl HaworthWing-Back6.404Atletico
124GKCallum IrvingSweeper Keeper6.3912Pacific
125RWAlex MarshallDynamic Dribbler6.3810Halifax
126LWAzriel GonzalezDynamic Dribbler6.3610Edmonton
127LWKeven AlemanInverted Winger6.356Atletico
128CBAbdoulaye SamakeBall-Playing Centre-Half6.359Pacific
129LWGianni Dos SantosDynamic Dribbler6.349Pacific
130LWChris NancoWing-Back6.345Forge
131CFLisandro CabreraTarget Man6.277York
132AMKamron HabibullahDynamic Dribbler6.247Pacific
133CMSimon Triantafillou Tempo Setter6.2412Edmonton
134CMJacob CarlosBox to Box Midfielder6.2311Valour
135LWMastanbal KacherInverted Winger6.2311Edmonton
136LBEduardo JesusWide Warrior (FB)6.2110York
137CMMateo de BrienneTempo Setter6.208Valour
138CFJulian UlbrichtTarget Man6.208Edmonton
139CMMatteo PolisiMidfield Maestro6.205Pacific
140STRyan RobinsonPressing Forward6.187Halifax
141CMChris MannellaShuttler6.184Atletico
142STVladimir MoragregaTarget Man6.169Atletico
143LBTerique MohammedWing-Back6.1510Edmonton
144CFDjenairo DanielsTarget Man6.1110Pacific
145RWBCJ SmithWing-Back6.109Edmonton
146RWBZachary RoyWing-Back6.004Atletico
147RWMouhamadou KaneDynamic Dribbler5.9910York
148CFKairo CooreTarget Man5.949Edmonton

Players to feature in our list must have made a minimum of 4 appearances as of June 30, 2022.

Due to time constraints, we are unable to update this ranking on the website as much as we would like. But be sure to check back every couple of weeks as we endeavour to help contribute to the growth of football analysis in this country!

Stay tuned for more information on how players are ranked, and don’t miss out on our Tactical Reviews, where we outline key reasons for the rankings.

So far, we have detailed the job descriptions, tasks, and experts worth scrutinizing over in the following player roles…

-> Explaining the Shot Stopper – Player Role Analysis
-> Explaining the Sweeper Keeper – Player Role Analysis
-> Explaining the Wide Warrior – Player Role Analysis
-> Explaining the Inverted Fullback – Player Role Analysis

For more information on our Player Evaluation System, be sure to check out this article: Evaluating players based on role continuity. Be sure to check back every Wednesday, for an updated ranking. Thanks for reading and see you soon!

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