Manchester United 2-4 Liverpool – Match Recap & Analysis

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Last week Jurgen Klopp recorded his first ever win at Old Trafford, at a time when they desperately needed a win to stay in the top four race. Kaustubh Kapoor and Russell Tho break down all the major events of the match. The panel discuss Nat Phillips’ mixed performance, Rhys Williams’ ’40’ pace, Diogo Jota’s insanity, that awkward Klopp-Mane handshake moment and a few things about Manchester United too. Subscribe on Itunes and Spotify and follow the show on Instagram @futbolmasterminds and via



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Russell Tho – Creative Producer for
@RussellTho96 on Instagram.

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-> Jurgen Klopp – Liverpool – Tactical Analysis (2020-21 Edition)
-> Ole Gunnar Solskjaer – Manchester United – Tactical Analysis
-> Where Liverpool Have Gone Wrong This Season – Tactical Analysis


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