Session Plan – Passing Techniques & Combinations

Head of Coaching Content – Xhulio Zeneli – presents this session on passing techniques and combinations, for any age.

The learning objectives of this passing session plan are to replicate in game passing situations. The players learn technical aspects like directional control and passing with different parts of the foot. There is also a physical element with an overall objective to practice combinations that will lead to a shot on goal.

Warm up (10mins): Various exercises/dynamic stretches

Players perform dynamic movements in two lines. Pace starts slow and gradually builds.

Exercise 1 (5mins): passing with cones

Players pair up with one ball between each pair. The player with a ball stands by the cone and the player without the ball stands in between the two cone gate with a starting position slightly behind the cones. The player with the ball passes to the other player, prompting the receiving player to take a first touch toward the cone to their right and pass the ball back to feet. Then progress to the left cone.

Progression: The players can only take touches with their outside of the foot.

Progression: Players take two touches and then pass back. If a player passes with their right foot, the receiving player must use their left foot on the next pass.

Progression: Players chip the ball in the air rather than a controlled pass on the ground and then receive the ball in the air as it comes back to them.

exercise 2 (20 minutes): combination play

Set up two starting cones on the halfway line and one closer to the edge of the box, twenty-five yards away from goal. One goalkeeper starts in net, but otherwise the activity is unopposed. Players pass in the sequence as shown, resulting in a shot on goal. Players rotate stations and coach must work to keep the exercise flowing quickly to avoid players waiting in line too long. Two stations can be set up when possible, one on each side of the field.

Progression: 1-touch passing and a first time shot.

game: 6v6

Passing skills learned over the course of the session are now applied in a 6v6 small-sided game.

So there it is! A session plan all about passing techniques and combinations. Be sure to check out more from Xhulio Zeneli and our Coach Education section. Thanks for reading and see you soon!

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