Best Formations for 9v9 (Podcast Episode)

9v9 is one of the most exciting stages in the development of young players and can often be the first time they are truly able to understand positioning, formations and how to play to the strengths of their teammates. This podcast will be all about the Best Formations for 9v9, as modeled after our article Best Formations for 9v9.

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Futbol Masterminds – Is the Premier League a Billionaire's Playground? The Mastermind Site

On a special edition of Futbol Masterminds, Rhys, Kausty and Dawar get together to discuss the changing nature of the Premier League – becoming more and more of a business and more and more of a "billionaire's playground." The panel also discuss the tight title race this season, and whether or not Manchester United are still in with a shout. Rhys also shares his thoughts on why Fred and McTominay are not the problem for Manchester United, and Kausty and Dawar kick off a new segment with some questions about futbol analytics. Follow the social on social media @mastermindsite and @futbolmasterminds!  PANEL Rhys Desmond – Owner and CEO of @DesmondRhys on Twitter and Instagram. Kaustubh Kapoor – Podcaster and Creative Producer for @futbolmasterminds on Instagram. Dawer Aziz – Special Guest and Chelsea fan. @dawaraziz1 on Instagram. MUSIC The music for this episode was provided by minwbu from Pixabay. “Min-2019”. FOLLOW TMS @mastermindsite on Twitter and Instagram. @futbolmasterminds on Instagram. Subscribe via email.
  1. Futbol Masterminds – Is the Premier League a Billionaire's Playground?
  2. The Longball – Newcastle's New Found Fortune, Wolves' South Korean Sensation and United's Injury Crisis

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