Ranking the 72 Australian Survivor Contestants from Worst to First (Season 3-Season 5)

Australian Survivor has consistently amazed fans around the world with its storytelling, editing, casts and fantastic overall production. There have been 72 players over three separate seasons of the show and this is The Mastermind’s definitive ranking of every single one from worst to first. Agree or disagree? Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below. Enjoy!


72.  Peter Fiegehan 
Peter and Sam.jpg
71. Des Quilty
70. Barry Lea 
Barry AUS Survivor.png
69. Steve Khouw 
steve khouw
68. Joan Caballero

joan voted out aus survivor

67. Bianca Anderson 
Bianca AUS Survivor.jpg
66. Matt Dyson 
matt dyson aus survivor
65. Ben Morgan

ben morgan aus survivor 2

64. Zach Kozyrski
zach aus survivor
63. Jackie Glazier
aus survivor jackie
62. Paige Kerin
paige kerin aus survivor 5
61. Tegan Haining  
60. Kat Dumont 
59. Kate Tembly

kate tembly aus survivor

58. Evan Jones 
57. Adam Parkin

adam aus survivor 2

56. Mark “Tarzan” Herlaar

mark h survivor aus

55. Kent Nelson
kent nelson aus survivor
54. Russell Hantz 
russell hantz australian survivor
53. Odette Blacklock

odette blacklock aus survivor

52. Mark Wales

aus survivor mark wales

51. Samantha Gash

sam gash aus survivor


50. Damien Thomlinson 
damien thomlinson survivor aus
49. Aimee Stanton

aimee aus survivor

48. Anita Berkett 
anita berkett
47. Jenna Austin 
jenna austin aus survivor
46. Jarrad Sang

jarrad sang aus survivor

45. Jacqui Patterson
aus survivor jacqui
44. Rohan MacLaren 
43. Andrew Torrens 
42. Lydia Lassila 
lydia lassila aus survivor
41. Kylie Evans
40. Tegan Gasior 
tegan gasior aus survivor
39. Heath Davies
aus survivor heath
38. Moana Hope
moana hope aus survivor
37. Anneliese Wilson

anneliese wilson survivor aus

36. Robbie Skibicki 
robbie aus survivor
35. Samuel Hinton 
samuel hinton aus survivor
34. Connor Bethune 
33. Steve Willis
steve willis aus survivor
32. Sue Clarke 
31. Jennah-Louise Salkleld
30. Fenella McGowan
fenella mcgowan aus survivor
29. Monika Radulovic 
monika radulovic aus survivor
28. Sam Webb
sam webb aus survivor
27. Tessa O’Halloran 

tessa aus survivor 2


26. Aaron “A.K.” Knight

ak australian survivor

25. Ziggy Zagame

ziggy zagame

24. Sarah Tilleke 

sarah tilleke aus survivor

23. Brian Lake 
brian aus survivor final three
22. El Rowland 
el rowland aus survivor
21. Nick Iadanza 
20. Matt Tarrant 
Matt Tarrant AUS Survivor.JPG
19. Craig l’Anson 
18. Kate Campbell 
17. Shane Gould
sharn and shane australian survivor 5
16. Henry Nicholson 

henry nicholson aus survivor

15. Felicity “Flick” Egginton 
14. Shonee Fairfax 
shonee fairfax aus survivor
13. Locky Gilbert 
aus survivor locky
12. Tara Pitt

11. Peter Conte
aus survivor pete


10. Lee Carseldine 
9. Kristie Bennett  
8. Mat Rogers
mat rogers survivor
7. Luke Toki 
luke toki
6. Phoebe Timmins 
5. Brooke Jowett 
4. Benji Wilson
sharn and benji aus survivor
3. Michelle Dougan
michelle dougan survivor aus
2. Jericho Malabonga
Jericho AUS Survivor.JPG
1. Sharn Coombes
sharn australian survivor season 5

So there you have it! The definitive ranking of the 72 Australian Survivor players so far from Seasons 3-5. Who should be ranked higher or lower? Comment to share your thoughts and thanks for reading.


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