The Mastermind Award Nominees 2016: Best Photo

One of the key ways that humans remember the best moments in life is through photos. So to remember some of the best moments of 2016 on The Mastermind, here are The Mastermind‘s Nominations for Photo of the Year!

Dimitri Payet and Antoine Griezmann vs. Republic of Ireland & Iceland Euro 2016 

Antoine Griezmann lolDimitri Payet Yolo

In back to back games, the two standout stars of Euro 2016 Antoine Griezmann and Dimitri Payet, decided to celebrate in similar style after scoring goals at the summer tournament, kissing each other’s boots. Payet first caught the Atletico Madrid goal scorer by surprise when he bent down on one knee to do the honour in the Round of 16 against the Republic of Ireland and Griezmann later returned the favour when Payet found the back of the net against Iceland in the Quarter Finals. A special moment shared between two special players.

Pierre-Emerick Auabmeyang vs. VFL Wolfsburg 


Borussia Dortmund have had a string of massive victories so far this season but few have been bigger than their 5-1 thrashing over arch-rivals VFL Wolfsburg. The opening goal of that particular evening was Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who celebrated in stylish fashion with his customary acrobatic flip. The camera did wonders to capture the image, capturing the exact moment he was completely upside down, almost making this photo look too good to be true. Marc Bartra’s reaction to the goal and flip is also absolutely wonderful in this photo as he is simply just as happy as can be after assisting his flamboyant teammate. You’ll never see a better picture of someone doing a flip ever.

Jurgen Klopp Carrying His Team On His Back 

Sadio Mane goal vs. Arsenal celebration

Liverpool have been firing on all cylinders so far in 2016-17 and it all started with a magnificent 4-3 victory over Arsenal on opening day. The Reds were literally and figuratively flying that day as when Sadio Mane scored his first goal in the Premier League for Liverpool he immediately ran over to celebrate with his manager Jurgen Klopp who gestured for him to climb on his back instead.The Senegalese midfielder then flew in the air and jumped on the back of Klopp before a couple more players joined in on the fun as well. This meant that on opening day, Jurgen Klopp was metaphorically and physically carrying his team on his back.

Antoine Griezmann vs. Albania Euro 2016 

Antoine Griezmann Euro 2016 2

In France’s second match of Euro 2016, it took them a nerveracking 90 minutes to break the deadlock and score against Albania. So when Griezmann finally found the back of the net with a wonderful headed goal at the dieing seconds of the game, you can imagine how happy his fellow teammates were. A charging Griezmann ran right over to his teammates in joy with this photo being taken just seconds before he was nearly ripped to shreads by them. Just look at the pure joy on everyone’s face in this photo.

Brooke Jowett Australian Survivor Mud Challenge 


Australian Survivor’s photographers couldn’t correctly capture the iconic moment when Kristie begged Lee to step down at the final immunity challenge of the season, but they could not have asked for a better photo from this hilarious Survivor mud challenge. Every contestant absolutely loved this challenge, even the beautiful Brook Jowett who would have probably normally prided herself on her good looks. In this challenge the Aussies had to gather up as much mud from a puddle as they possibly could before having it scraped off of their bodies into a pigpen. The contestants took to the task with tremendous enthusiasm and became so muddy that Jonathan LaPaglia, host of the show, struggled to narrate what was going on because he couldn’t even tell who was who. This photo captured what the mud challenge was all about perfectly and managed to make Brooke Jowett look like a statue that was nailed in stone hundreds of years ago.

Dimitri Payet vs. Albania Euro 2016 ♥

Dimitri Payet France goal

Remember how happy everyone was in the photo above when Antoine Griezmann opened the scoring against Albania? Well imagine how crazy things got when Payet scored the second of the night with virtually the last kick of the game in the 95th minute. After a wonderful solo goal, Payet could not contain his excitement and decided to celebrate by kicking the corner flag with this photographer capturing the exact moment he was about to make contact with the flag. The fans in the background are just absolutely loving it and even the cameraman in behind can’t cotain his excitement either. Of all the fantastic goal celebrations of 2016, this might be the best and most enthusiastic of the lot and the cameraman captured the moment to perfection.

Gareth Bale with his Daughter

Wales v Northern Ireland - Round of 16 UEFA Euro 2016

Payet and Griezmann weren’t the only two stars that set Euro 2016 on fire, Gareth Bale also had a tremendous impact on the way the tournament panned out and through his fantastic performances led his side all the way to the semi finals. After Wales’ narrow 1-0 victory against the Northern Ireland, many of the players’ children ran on to the field to celebrate with their parents, creating a mix of amazing moments and pictures with this one topping all others. Bale was the hero of the day against Northern Ireland as it was his shot that was deflected by Gareth McAuley for the goal and watching the Real Madrid forward celebrate with daughter Alba after the game was a truly special moment forever inprinted on Euro 2016’s legacy.

Dallas POV Win Big Brother Canada 4 Ep7


Five words. “Dally boy’s coming for you Canada!”. Dallas Comrie was nobody’s favourite contestant from the most recent of Big Brother Canada but he did have a massive impact in Episode 7 of the show’s fourth season when he won the third Power of Veto of the season. In a fantastic and hilarious Divergent Series Allegiant themed challenge, Dallas took home the honour and celebrated in fantastic fashion on his way up to ring the buzzer to claim his prize. Although the bearded man failed to have a major impact on the season as a whole, he will forever be remembered for the role he had in this episode and for this fantastic celebration.

Michaela’s Reaction After Being Voted Out Of Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X


There probably isn’t enough good things I can say about Michaela Bradshaw and the moment pictured above but I’ll at least say that her elimination from Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X was not only one of the most shocking in recent years but that her reaction to being voted out was probably the most entertaining ever. Michaela immediately raised her eyebrow when her name came up the first time, grew even more suspicious when her name came up the second time, but when it came up for a third time she lost her mind and immediately turned at Jay and screamed “Whaaaaaaat?”. In fantastic fashion, this photo managed to capture everyone’s reaction the moment that Michaela’s name came up that third time and the moment she lost her mind.

Just Missed The Cut: There were so many photos to choose from and some fantastic one’s just couldn’t make the cut. Here are a few that just missed out on receiving a nomination.

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So there it is The Mastermind‘s Nominations for Photo of the Year. So where do I vote?! Voting is now open here -> VOTE: The Mastermind Awards 2016. Enjoy! And if you haven’t done so already, make sure to check out The Mastermind Award Nominees 2016 Page for all the details on who and what is up for every single award. Have fun! 🙂


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