Ranking The 24 Australian Survivor Contestants From Worst To First

The first ever season of Australian Survivor was a spectacle beyond belief and was one of my favourite seasons of Survivor I have ever seen. What made this season so spectacular was the amazing cast of contestants who were fun, energetic about playing the game and so highly entertaining. But that doesn’t mean that all  24 were good players. For every Phoebe there was a Rohan. These are the twenty-four Australian Survivor contestants ranked on how good of a player they were from worst (24) to best (1).  


24.  Peter Fiegehan 

Peter and Sam.jpg

Peter Fiegehan just didn’t come out to Australian Survivor to play. The moment he set foot on the island his head just wasn’t in the game and that is why Peter is the worst player of the season. Dubbed his fellow tribemates with the nickname “Figs”, Peter clearly did have a good working relationship with everyone on his tribe, however he made no attempt to align with anyone or do anything to keep himself in the game. And of course he infamously quit as well. Peter is undoubtedly a great guy but if you’re going to show up to play to Survivor you have to show up both mentally and physically and Peter did neither of those things.

23. Des Quilty


The second worst player of the season is the person who was voted out first, Des Quilty. Confused by that statement? No need to be, Des was dredful, he made no attempt to connect with his tribemates and despite his experience did not help an inch at building the shelter until he realized his neck was on the line. However, he did at least do more than Peter in that he at least tried to take the pressure off his back by trying to convince Rohan and Lee to vote for Kat. As far as first boots go, Des is a very memorable one, and honestly by the way he played, he deserved to be voted off first.

22. Barry Lea 

Barry AUS Survivor.png

Speaking of people who made no attempt to play the game, Barry Lea was another one who made no attempt to play the game and consequently was voted off for it. At Vavua’s first vote, he made it known to everyone that he wasn’t going to be engaging in any strategy, alliances or anything else and would just be drawing a name out of a hat to determine who to vote for. This not only made nobody want to work with him but resulted in his elimination from the game. Barry had zero strategy to his game and was in fact naive on coming on the show just to do what he did. However, he did at least have the ability to survive a vote which is something that 9 times out of 10 Des would never be able to do on Survivor.

21. Bianca  Anderson 

Bianca AUS Survivor.jpg

In what became a common theme in Australia’s first ever real Survivor season, anyone who exhibited any form of strategic play was immediatley voted out. Bianca was the first to start the trend as at the first Sahnapu vote when Peter was looking like the one to go home and was begging to be sent home, she decided to make waves and try and get people to vote off Flick instead. This was terrible gameplay for a number of reasons but the worst of those reasons was that there was an option right there in front of her where she could send Peter home and survive the vote! But she instead, decided to turn everyone’s attention away from that and ended up getting herself voted off. Where I really knock Bianca is for playing too hard far too fast and thinking way too far down the road in the game. There was no need to make this move at this point in the game and she clearly misread the alliances that people had made. Where Bianca gains some points is that she was undoubtedly screwed by the tribe dynamics. The core four of Matt, Sam, Flick and Brooke were always going to work together and she was always going to be an outcast. Even if Peter had been voted off the night of her elimination, she would have likely been next.

20. Kat Dumont 


At practically every turn in Australian Survivor, Kat made the wrong move. Kat did a decent job of aligning herself with the women on Aganoa and managed to survive the Evan and Des vote-outs, but she would have been the next to go on that tribe immediately afterward had Peter not quit the game. She also showed how terrible of a gameplayer she was when she swapped over to Vavau and constantly flip-flopped between the two groups, making everyone in the tribe feel as though she was untrustworthy and resulting in her elimination early on in the swap despite bigger targets like Phoebe still being in the game.

19. Tegan Haining  


Who? Tegan Haining that’s who. If there is one person from the cast of Australian Survivor to forget or who has been or will be forgotten and lost in the archives than that person is without question Tegan Haining. Not only did she barely appear on the show, she also exhibited no strategic play, no noteworthy confessionals and her only role on the season was seemingly to be a babe show. The girl hold the burger in her hand above was left out of the loop on the Nick vote when she was on Vavau and then when she swapped over to Sahnapu, couldn’t even build one useful connection with anyone other than Nick to try and get herself to survive. Tegan’s position in the game may have become much worse when Nick chose her to go with him to Sahnapu, but had that not happen, she would have likely been one of the next two to go on Vavau as not only was she left out of the loop but was spoken about very negatively especially in terms of her ability in challenges.

18. Evan Jones 


Evan Jones was the second player to find out that playing hard right out of the gates of Survivor is not a managable on strategy. Evan, a superfan of the show, had seen every season of Survivor and knew that when Rohan and Phoebe came back with a small bag of beans that something wasn’t quite right. But after gathering that information, he used the information in exactly the wrong way. He first misread his connection with who he thought he was aligned with and told El who immediately brought the information back to Phoebe. He then told Lee who immediately brought it to the attention of Rohan. This led the core alliance to start to lose trust in Evan and Rohan and Phoebe obviously began to fear the thought of their immunity idol becoming a known entity in the game, so he was swiftly eliminated. Evan was not a bad player but played far too hard far too fast and misjudged the relationships that he had without recognizing that the people he thought he was close to were far closer to other people.


17. Rohan MacLaren 


Rohan is not a bad player but at times he just lacked a bit of brains. Firslty, Rohan did an excellent job at positioning himself well within the majority of the tribe. He was also the only one shown entertaining the idea of keeping Des around over Kat, showing his flexibility and openness in the game. But the first signs of Rohan’s lack of strategic aptitude came when he lost his clue to the hidden immunity idol, which was swiftly picked up by Evan who then ran around telling everyone that Rohan had the idol. Not good. Also, he promised Phoebe that if he found the idol that he would give it to her and that it would be something that they would use together but then when he found it, he didn’t give it to her and immediately started to lose Phoebe’s trust. This almost got him eliminated from the game. Lastly, when he finally got swapped to Vavau, despite being a strong challenge competitor his head was immediately on the chopping block because of the fear factor that was arising out of the fact that he had the idol and when he played it for Phoebe, to save her, he foolishly voted for Kat instead of Sue, which ended up sending him home by a 2-1-1-0 vote.

16. Andrew Torrens 



15. Kylie Evans


14. Connor Bethune 


13. Sue Clarke 


12. Jennah-Louise Salkleld


11. Sam Webb


10. El Rowland 


9. Nick Iadanza 


8. Matt Tarrant 

Matt Tarrant AUS Survivor.JPG


7. Craig l’Anson 


6. Felicity “Flick” Egginton 


5. Kate Campbell 


4. Lee Carseldine 


3. Kristie Bennett  


2. Phoebe Timmins 


1. Brooke Jowett 



Descriptions to come


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