The Amazing Race Canada 4 Episode 1 Recap: Who’s Ready to Let It All Hang Out?


Episode one of the Amazing Race Canada 4 is in the books and I could not be any happier. This episode will be looked back upon many times as one of the best episodes of the series. This was a catastrophically amazing elimination and an excitingly close leg with some seriously fun challenges. There is so much to digest from this episode, but luckily, The Mastermind is right here to digest it along with you.

Emmett and Jillian Are In It To Win It

Amazing Race Canada 4 3

What did I tell you? Emmett and Jillian are the real deal. They were unstoppable during the first leg and almost walked to their 1st place finish. Okay, it wasn’t that close. Steph and Kristen did give them a run for their money. But, they were in first the entire leg and in Natalie and Meaghan fashion, won the leg with a reasonable amount of ease. But let’s be honest, it was always written in the stars. I predicted it after all! They completed the translation challenge first, secured a spot on the first flight to Jasper, completed the sky- tram challenge first, finished the rafting part first, finished the navigation challenge first and then made it to the pit-stop first. It was a dominant performance from the two ex-Big Brother players, but what about the other teams? Well let’s start with the bad, Anthony and Brandon and Kelly and Kate.

The Wrong Strategic Move

Pure Stupidity TAR CANADA

Never take a penalty. You aren’t fighting to be first. You are fighting to not be last. If you are with eight other teams at a challenge, the first challenge of the entire race for that matter, and not in last, don’t take a penalty. When you are with that many other teams there is still plenty of time to catch up. Something would have to go seriously wrong when you’re two big guys for you to finish last on the first leg. If you don’t take a penalty, you won’t be last. If you take a penalty, you are risking your life in the race. If only Brandon and Anthony had this advice before going on the show. Their four hour penalty turned out to be catastrophic and far too much for them to overcome. Anthony and Brandon should have never finished last in this leg which makes this……THE WORST MOVE IN AMAZING RACE CANADA HISTORY. No other team has made this bad of a mistake and been eliminated from it in our four season history. This was possibly even the worst move in all of Amazing Race history and they paid the consequences for it as they were eliminated from the race. Even if they had not finished last after taking the penalty. It was always the wrong move. Brandon tried to do it one time, decided it would be faster if they took the penalty and left the challenge. It was the very first real challenge of the season and there was never any reason to take the penalty. You have to feel bad for the guys, but you can’t help but feel they made a really bad move. However with Anthony and Brandon being two fun guys who went out far too early, a return could be on the cards in a future season.

The New Flo & Zach vs. The New Natalie & Meaghan 

Flo and Zach 2Natalie and Meaghan

Before the season began, I said that Jillian and Emmett would likely be the new Flo & Zach. Flo and Zach were the first ever female-male pairing to win the Amazing Race USA, after winning season 3. This meant that Flo became the first female winner of the show. I still feel strongly about this prediction and think that Jillian and Emmett will be the winners of the Amazing Race Canada 4 and Jillian will become the first female winner of the Amazing Race Canada. What I could have never anticipated though was how similar these two were going to be to Flo and Zach in how they raced. Emmett like Zach, was calm, warm and supportive. Jillian meanwhile, like Flo, was an absolute firecracker, shouting at Emmett non-stop and freaking out over nothing even when they were way ahead. Jillian was not like this during Big Brother Canada. She was a lot more relaxed. She was calm, she was level-headed. She won the season! But now in the first leg of TAR Canada she seemed stressed out the entire time. This is how a typical Emmett and Jillian conversation went on the leg:

Emmett: Good job Jillian! Keep it up!
Jillian: Stop talking! You’re going to make me cry!
Emmett: Just keep calm and stay relaxed.
Jillian: You seem to be under the impression that we are way ahead!
Emmett: ….We are way ahead.

I might go as far as to say that this is the most Flo and Zach like team I have seen on Amazing Race Canada and I can’t wait to see how the rest of this season pans out.

Another thing that I loved about this first leg was seeing how similar Steph and Kristen were to Natalie and Meaghan. The dating couple claimed to be most like the Season 2 Runners-Up in their pre-season interview and I didn’t disagree. In fact they were the only team that I didn’t disagree with their assessment of themselves when comparing themselves to another past-team. Now going in to the night I was really hoping they would live up to expectations and they absolutely did. They were quick in catching up with Jillian and Emmett on the rafting challenge and if they had only been on that first tram with the Big Brother players, they could have won the leg. This sets up a highly interesting match-up going into future legs. Every season, particularly on the American version, there are two teams battling it out with each other every single leg. This season on The Amazing Race Canada, those two teams are Jillian and Emmett and Steph and Kristen.

Pre-Episode Predictions 

Predicted Finish For First Leg

10th Frankie and Amy
9th Anne and Tanya
8th Kelly and Kate
7th Julie and Lowell
6th Rita and Yvette
5th Stephane and Antoine
4th Anthony and Brandon
3rd Joel and Ashley
2nd Steph and Kristen
1st Jillian and Emmett

Predicted Finish For Season 

10th Frankie and Amy
9th Kelly and Kate
8th Anne and Tanya
7th Rita and Yvette
6th Julie and Lowell
5th Stephane and Antoine
4th Joel and Ashley
3rd Steph and Kristen
2nd Anthony and Brandon
1st Jillian and Emmett

What I Got Right: 

Race To The Finish – I predicted a race to the finish between Yvette & Rita, Tanya & Amy and Frankie & Amy for last place. Frankie and Amy weren’t involved, but the other two did end up having a race to the mat for last place. Fortunately, for them two other teams took a penalty at the roadblock and they both stayed alive to race another leg.

Jillian and Emmett vs. Steph and Kristen – I predicted that these two would be our top two teams for the episode. It was a much closer finish to the mat than I would have thought but it was no surprise that these were our top two teams.

Flo and Zach vs. Natalie and Meaghan – I said that Jillian and Emmett would be the new Flo and Zach and that Steph and Kristen would be the new Natalie and Meaghan and I was not disappointed with how they delivered. With Brandon and Anthony gone, this will be the key match-up to keep an eye on for the remainder of the season.

What I Got Wrong:

Frankie & Amy – They were a lot steadier than I thought they’d be. Running your own race and not relying on other teams is really important in this race and that is something I think they did really well with on the night.

Brandon & Anthony – I really didn’t think they were going to be the sharpest tools in the shed, but I had no idea they were going to make such a bonehead move and go out first. This is the team that I predicted to finish in 2nd place overall and 4th place for the first leg. They seriously should have and would have been up there had they not made such a glaring mistake.

Who Finished Where? – Leg 1

10th Brandon and Anthony – Eliminated
9th Kelly and Kate
8th Anne and Tanya
7th Rita and Yvette
6th Frankie and Amy
5th Julie and Lowell
4th Joel and Ashley
3rd Stephane and Antoine 
2nd Steph and Kristen 
1st Jillian and Emmett – 1st place (trip to London, England)

Predictions For Next Time – Leg 2

9th Anne and Tanya
8th Kelly and Kate
7th Rita and Yvette
6th Frankie and Amy
5th Julie and Lowell
4th Stephane and Antoine
3rd Joel and Ashley
2nd Steph and Kristen
1st Jillian and Emmett

Not much will change next leg, Jillian and Emmett will likely still be battling for first place against Steph and Kristen while Anne and Tanya will likely be battling against the other all female teams for last place. In the end, best friends Anne and Tanya will go home after getting lost on the road.

The Preview?: From the preview of next week’s episode, it looks like Emmett and Jillian are going to be taking their Big Brother tricks into the Amazing Race as they were shown saying they’re going to be going about the race strategically and lying about something mysterious to Steph and Kristen. I predict that this will be enough for the exes to edge out the dating couple again in leg 2 but may come back to bite them later on in the race.

The good news is that with the elimination of one of two of our only male-male teams, the producers will get what they wanted and we will almost certainly have our first ever female winner of the Amazing Race Canada. Who will it be? Stay tuned for Episode 2 to get one step closer to finding out. We’ll see you next time!

Amazing Race Canada 4 WOO

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